During week 5, SMGS Year 7 students attended a cross-curricular field study in conjunction with their Term 3 Science study of ecology and ecosystems and Geography study of water.
An integral component of both of these subjects is developing skills for collecting data in the field. To nurture these skills, the students investigated the water and soil quality and habitat features at four sites in our local area.
The students conducted a range of scientific tests in their analysis of the terrestrial and aquatic factors, including finding the soil and water pH, soil texture, water turbidity, the gradient of the slope, soil and water temperature, as well as analysing the biodiversity and organisms found in the soil and water. The results will be used to compile a report that analyses the suitability of the study sites in relation to establishing a colony of the Alpine Tree Frog. The students gained immeasurable experience and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to further develop their scientific research skills in our magnificent local environment.