The AIS Virtual Debating Competition has been the one event/ competition that has persevered during the year, and what a way to end a season! SMGS fielded five teams across competitions from Primary to Year 11, with the Primary and Year 8 teams reaching the final 16 in Australia. Today the SMGS (A) Year 9/10 team progressed to the Grand Final, winning their semi-final over Newcastle Grammar. SMGS argued the negative case for the topic that there should be a fifty per cent reduction on sentencing terms if a person pleads guilty. According to the adjudicator, it was a very tightly contested debate. Congratulations to Ruby, Georgia, Emily and Banjo, who now debate against the team from Frensham.
Thank you to our amazing Virtual Debate Team coordinator, Anne Jones, for all her support and expert coaching of our teams, building a robust program through some of the most challenging times #trulyinspiring.