Alumnus, Adam Dickson (2013, Mowamba)

Snowy Mountains Grammar School Alumnus (Class of 2013, Mowamba), Adam Dickson, held the position of Mowamba House Captain in his final year at SMGS. Since 2013, Adam has been pursuing his dream to represent Australia at the Olympics in Snowboard Cross. Adam’s hard work and determination has paid off as he gets set to take on the world at the Beijing Olympics.

“I loved competing in sport for my school. I loved being able to represent something other than myself and it always pushed me to try harder and achieve more.”

Adam at an Snowsports Interschools event.

The humble beginnings of an exciting snowboard cross career!

While at SMGS, Adam loved participating in interschools events for both mountain biking and snowboarding but, most of all, he loved the team aspect of these opportunities, saying, “I loved competing in sport for my school. I loved being able to represent something other than myself and it always pushed me to try harder and achieve more.”

Of Adam’s time at SMGS, teacher Mrs Krista Mower said, “Adam always put the needs of others before himself and he was always so humble and approachable.”

German teacher, Mrs Madonna Siegenthaler, echoed her colleague’s comments, saying, “Nothing fazed Adam, he always easy-going and approachable. He always got on with others and gave things a go. He was actually the model student in that regard. I never saw him stressed” – all characteristics that have no doubt served him well in his competitions.

What path did you follow after you graduated from SMGS? How did you become interested in that pathway (education, career, interest)?

After I graduated, I was accepted into a couple of universities around NSW and the ACT. However, one of my best friends convinced me to take a gap year and defer uni till the next year. I wasn’t very hard to convince to defer. 
During that year, we lived in France for four months, racing and snowboarding around Europe. Those couple of months cemented my love for snowboard cross and I have been travelling overseas every summer since. I transitioned from international programs like Reign and ISTC to the NSWIS team here in Australia, and eventually pushed myself to move onto the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA) Team.

What is your current occupation, organisation and position?

I am a professional snowboard cross athlete, racing for the Winter Olympic Institute of Australia (OWIA). I am currently ranked in the top 25 in the world for my sport and have placed in the top 16 in multiple World Cup races all around the world.

What is the biggest source of motivation for your career and life pursuits?

My family is one of my biggest motivators in my career and life at the moment. They always help me to push myself to the next level and keep me inspired season after season. 

How did your time at SMGS help you in your journey to your current career and life pursuits?

My time at SMGS set me on the path of winter sports. The incredible support from all the staff in the school allowed me to pursue my interest in snowboarding. As long as I kept up with the school work and tests, etc., I was able to spend a lot of time on snow and discover my passion for snowboard cross.

What are some of your most memorable moments from your time at SMGS?

The interschools races and more than a few mountain biking trips we did, down to Victoria. I loved competing in sport for my school, I loved being able to represent something other than myself and it always pushed me to try harder and achieve more.

What programs did you participate in and what co-curricular opportunities did you have?

I participated in as many co-curricular programs and opportunities that were available to me, including most snowsports activities, such as the interschools and winter sports programs, as well as all athletics carnivals, and I even tried for the cross-country interschools.

What advice would you give to students who are beginning their Year 12 journey and starting to think about their future after they graduate?

You can only ever try your hardest. Do your very best and no matter the result you’ll be satisfied with what you have achieved. Career paths will change, they always do, just be open to opportunities wherever they come from and take advantage of what you can. 

What does it mean to you to be a part of the SMGS Alumni/Old Scholars community?

Being part of the SMGS Alumni/Old Scholars community, still being a part of the school and a massive part of the Jindabyne community in general, allows me to give back to the school what I can and hopefully inspire the next generation of up-and-coming Olympic athletes in snowboard cross and all different sports.

We wish Adam all the best as he gets ready for his first race at the Winter Games on Thursday 10 February in the Snowboard Cross seeding race.