I would like to extend a warm welcome to students and families, both returning and those new to Snowy Mountains Grammar School. It was delightful to witness the happy smiles and hear the joyful chatter of students as they entered the school grounds for 2022.

Amidst the positive bustle of students were the sounds of a site under construction as we entered the new year of 2022. This year will see the community of Snowy Mountains Grammar School navigate change and growth as we embrace a new building program and new initiatives within the Middle School.

As we guide our students to become well-rounded individuals who encompass all that our School has to offer, it is imperative that not only do we build with bricks and mortar, but that we build our offerings for, and the expectations of, our students. Therefore, in line with the School’s Vision, which states that we “will offer a diverse range of opportunities, leading to the development of outstanding citizens equipped for an ever-changing world”, Service Learning will be embedded into all Middle School students’ learning from 2022.

What is Service Learning?

Service learning is the learning, development and application of knowledge and skills towards meeting an identified and authentic community need.

Why Service Learning?

Students will propose, complete and reflect upon a community project through the Service Learning program. Students will be supported and purposefully guided to develop in areas such as:

    • enjoyment of service learning through purposeful and planned experiences
    • the ability to communicate and collaborate with others
    • exploration of the unfamiliar and reflection upon it
    • an increase of self-awareness
    • understanding and recognition of personal growth
    • an awareness of the shared human experience.

Service learning builds upon our School’s core values of CARE: courage, authenticity, respect and empathy. Service learning will allow students to apply their interests, skills, aptitudes and knowledge while paying attention to their personal development and the impact of their actions upon others. Students who engage in the world beyond themselves as service often find a natural passion and enthusiasm for learning as they find meaningful links to school expectations.

During the service learning process, students will be challenged to identify personal interests, skills, aptitudes and areas for growth. Through awareness of their strengths and areas for development, students become more self-aware, self-confident and self-directed, and are supported to take safe risks while building resilience.

Through a valid and authentic service learning experience, the intention is that this may lead to an increased awareness of community connections, community needs, citizenship and social responsibility, thus allowing our students to identify the interconnections and responsibilities of residing within a community, both locally and globally. Through the Service Learning program, we will endeavour to “develop well-rounded young people with active and creative minds, who have an understanding of and compassion for others, a passion for life-long learning and the courage and confidence to act on their beliefs.” 2022, a year of building and growth in the Middle School.

Mrs Jennifer Thompson