The crowds cheer and whistle as my name pops up on the huge digital screen behind the pool. My legs tingle and butterflies flutter around in my tummy as I stand on the block listening to the starter. “Get set!” “BEEP!!” I push off the block, launching into the water as bubbles tingle my skin and I am up and away…

On Monday, 7 March, 17 Junior School students went to Sydney to compete at the Olympic Aquatic Centre in Homebush for the HICES Carnival. Those 17 students dived into the water 77 times in total. Some of the students had 7 different races to compete in within the 6 hour program, barely having time to sit down or eat before getting marshalled again. SMGS took part in 5 different relays – there were junior and senior, boys and girls, and the most exciting event of the day, the ‘All age girls and boys eight person relay’. Through this last race everyone was gripping their seats until SMGS pulled away from the other swimmers and came first, ending the spectacular day.

Thanks to all the SMGS parents and grandparents whose cheers were definitely the loudest all day. For the second year running, Snowy Mountains Grammar School has proudly brought the Division Two Percentage Shield back to decorate the Snowy Shed walls for another year. As the Year 6’s last ever HICES swimming adventure we loved the rush of each race and the team relay. They are memories we will never forget.


Written by the Year 6 2022 swimmers: Lyla, Alessia, Willow, Axel and Kieren.

Individual Heat and HICES Ribbon Winners include

50 LC Meter Freestyle 50 LC Meter Breaststroke 50 LC Meter Backstroke 100 LC Meter Freestyle 50 LC Meter Butterfly
1  Diver, Alessia 2  Philpott, Willow 1  Philpott, Willow 2  Philpott, Willow 1 Philpott, Willow
2  Lloyd, Madeline 2  Diver, Alessia 1  Diver, Alessia 2  Tarasenko, Lyla 1  Diver, Alessia
3  Tarasenko, Lyla 1  Lloyd, Madeline 2  Potocki, Zara 3  Brauer, Lilly 2  Lloyd, Madeline
2  Brauer, Lilly 3  Tarasenko, Lyla 3  Lloyd, Madeline 2  Bell, Kieren 2  Tarasenko, Lyla
2  Wickham, Lucia 3  Brauer, Lilly 2  Rogers, Addison 3  Hill, William 2  Burridge, Angelina
2  Rogers, Addison 2  Wickham, Lucia 2  Begg, Cleo 1  Pratt, Joseph 2  Rogers, Addison
2  Lyster, Axel 2  Bell, Kieren 2  Lyster, Axel   2  Lyster, Axel
2  Bell, Kieren 1  Pratt, Joseph 3  Bell, Kieren   2  Bell, Kieren
3  Hill, William   2  Hill, William   3  Hill, William
1  Philpott, Jack   1  Pratt, Joseph   1  Philpott, Jack
1  Pratt, Joseph   1  Philpott, Jack   1  Pratt, Joseph
1  Davis, Loki        
2  Pratt, Jamie        

Relay Highlights include

1st 4×50 LC Meter Freestyle 4 x 50m Relay
2nd Girls 8-10 4×50 LC Meter Freestyle 4 x 50m Relay
1st Boys 8-10 4×50 LC Meter Freestyle 4 x 50m Relay
1st Mixed Open 8×50 LC Meter Freestyle Relay

Congratulations to the SMGS students that have been selected as part of the ISA team to compete at the CIS carnival

  • Loki Davis, Jack Philpott, Jamie Pratt and Joseph Pratt  in the Boys 8-10 Freestyle Relay Team
  • Joseph Pratt Boys 8-10 50 Backstroke
  • Joseph Pratt Boys 10 50 Freestyle
  • Rogers, Addison Girls 9 50 Freestyle 

In 2022 Snowy Mountains Grammar School Junior School Swim Team retained the Division 2 Percentage Shield with a 1st in this Shield and in the overall division 2 Carnival Shield SMGS placed 2nd