One of the unique benefits of the regional location of our school is the opportunity to participate in the various regional shows. Over the last two weekends, our Kindergarten to Year 12 students have been delighted to participate in the Dalgety and Cooma shows.

Students participated in writing and equestrian competitions and showcased their creative art skills (painting, drawing, sculptures).

Of SMGS student’s participation in both events, SMGS Head of Creative Arts, Mrs Cath Batson said, “It’s been wonderful to see so many students entering their artworks into the Dalgety and Cooma Shows over the last couple of weeks. Even better – families being able to get back out to enjoy the festivities and community that these shows foster.”

We loved seeing our students’ smiles as they proudly shared their entries with their family and friends.

Dalgety Show Awards

Still Life Observational Oil Pastel Drawings – Open

Jessie Frize – Highly Commended

Jessica – Highly Commended

Year 3 and 4 – Novelty Sculpture-Cows – 1st Place

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 – Mooooving Around Australia – 2nd Place

Henry Elliott – Kindergarten – Handwriting (COW Acrostic Poem) – 1st Place

Finley Cherry – Kindergarten – Handwriting (COW Acrostic Poem) – 2nd Place

Savannah Wood – Kindergarten – Art/Collage – 2nd Place

Violet Moorhouse – Year 1 – Handwriting – 1st Place

Issy Leel  – Year 1 and 2 – Original Drawing – 1st Place

Felix Hosie, Year 4 – Original Drawing – 1st Place and ‘Overall Junior Champion Project’

Ivy Potocki, Year 5- handwriting – 2nd Place

Willow Philpott, Year 6 – Original painting – 2nd Place

Tynan Plum, Year 6 – Handwriting – 1st Place

Cooma Show Awards

Eve Own – Drawing – 2nd Place

Eve Own – Other Media – 1st Place

Memphis Forrest – Other Media – 1st Place

Memphis Forrest – Drawing – 1st Place

Sam Lloyd – Drawing – 1st Place

Oliver Binstead – Drawing – 1st Place

Spedding Pearce – Drawing – 2nd Place

Zoe Caldwell – Painting – 1st Place

Friday Show Jumping at Cooma Show results: 

70 cm – show jumping

Toby McIntyre Shying – 3rd Place

Frankie Dennis – 15th Place

Beth Richardson Dunn – 16th Place

Bronte Whitehead – 18th Place

Indi Burke – 19th Place

85cm – show jumping

Callie – 23rd Place

Bethany Richardson-Dunn – 3rd Place

Indi Burke – 21st Place

Toby Mcintyre-Shying – 20th Place

Frankie Dennis – 12th Place

Cassie Nicholls – 13th Place

1 metre show jumping

Beth Richardson-Dunn – 1st Place 

Corra Whitehead – 15th Place

Cassei Nicholls – 18th Place

1 metre 10cm – show jumping

Ella Dennis – 2nd Place

Cora Whitehead – 17th Place

1 metre 20cm

Ella Dennis – 8th Place

Saturday Show Jumping at Cooma Show results:

90cm – show jumping

Beth Richardson Dunn – 1st Place

Cassie Nicholls – 9th Place

Cora Whitehead – 12th Place

Toby McIntyre-Shying – 14th Place

Indi Burke – 19th Place

1 metre 5 cm – sponsored by SMGS:

Cora Whitehead – 10th Place

Cassie Nicholls – 16th Place


Callie Beare – 5th Place

Bronte Whitehead – 12th Place

Elyssa Gould -23rd Place

70 cm

Beth Richardson-Dunn – 1st Place

Toby McIntrye-Shying – 2nd Place

Toby McIntrye Shying – 4th Place

Callie Beare – 7th Place

Bronte Whitehead – 8th Place

Indi Burke – 16th Place

Beth Richardson-Dunn – 23rd Place

Elyssa Gould – 26th Place