SMGS students headed to Thredbo and Perisher over the weekend to participate in the first competitions of the 2022 snowsports calendar.

The Redlands Cup and Scots Race provided a great opportunity and atmosphere for our skiers and snowboarders to hone their racing legs ahead of the Regional and ACT Interschools next week.

After a massive day on the piste, SMGS posted some fantastic results, including:

  • Year 12 student Letitia Murphy started her final school season by taking home the Redlands Cup with the fastest time on the day. Letitia also won the cup when she was in Year 9.
  • The next generation is coming on strong with Year 6 students Alessia Diver clocked the fastest time for the Junior School girls.
  • Year 10 student Cameron Turner claimed the Redlands Cup for the fastest snowboarder of the day.
  • Over at Perisher, Year 10 student Keisha Tickle took the top step of the podium in Division 2 Alpine event.
  • SMGS Director of Sport Martin Philpott was elated to see the successful kick-off of the race season, saying, “we are thankful to be heading to the start gates after a tumultuous few years. As always, our students’ school spirit and sportsmanship shone brightly, with many achieving a personal best and beyond”.

Congratulations to everyone who competed. We are looking forward to a great first round of Interschools next week.

Looking for the results? Head to:

Redlands Cup Results:

Scot’s Race Results:

Thank you to all our staff, parents, carers and students for their assistance on the day.

Redlands Cup

Alpine GS – Individual Results

Div 1 – Female

Letitia Murphy – 1st

Div 2 – Female

Cassie Nicholls – 3rd

Jesse paske – 5th

Elise Philpott – 14th

Billie Bressington – 18th

Emerson Crandell – 22nd

Sienna Zovic – 24th

Div 2 – Male

Joshua May – 9th

Div 3 – Female

Ruby Kite – 5th

Eliza Peake – 6th

Georgette Philpott – 9th

Willow Bakoginnis – 11th

Poppy Bressington – 20th

Lillian Brown – 21st

Evie Cuthbert – 22nd

Lily Hill – 23rd

Div 3 – Male

Toby Shying McIntyre – 3rd

Jack Lyster – 5th

Jordan Spiteri – 9th

Cole Haigh – 19th

Div 4 – Female

Alessia Diver – 1st

Lilly Brauer – 3rd

Willow Philpott – 5th

Addison Hosie – 9th

Lucia Wickham – 13th

Angelina Burridge – 17th

Div 4 – Male

James Tickle – 4th

Axel Lyster – 6th

Blake Nicholls – 9th

Joseph Pratt – 12th

Curtis Brown – 16th

Chalie Johnson – 18th

William Hill – 19th

Div 5 Girls

Ashleigh Hampton – 5th

Vivienne Sacco – 9th

Div 5 Boys

Reid Armstrong – 2nd

Loki Davis – 3rd

Banjo Brauer – 5th

Tate Baker – 6th

Felix Hosie – 8th

Div 6 Girls

Sage Mawhinney – 2nd

Blake Kable – 4th

Div 6 Boys

Harry Johnson – 4th

Jack Hampton – 5th

Jackson Burridge – 7th

Harrison Kable – 10th

Snowboard GS

Div 2 Girls

Alize Steggall – 2nd

Mikayla Quee – 3rd

Amelia Rawson – 4th

Div 2 Boys

Cameron Turner – 1st

Anstee Taylor – 2nd

Will Mckay – 3rd

Cooper Cuss – 4th

Div 3 Girls

Willow Bakoiannis – 1st

Ayla Mawhinney – 5th

Tahlia Frost – 6th

Div 3 Boys

Alexander Frost – 1st

Mitchell Frost – 2nd

Div 4 Boys

Logan Cuss – 1st

Curtis Brown – 3rd

Archibald McVeigh – 5th

Jake Mawhinney – 6th

Frank Frolich – 8th

Div 5 Girls

Addison Rogers – 1st

Vivienne Sacco – 3rd

Div 5 Boys

Louis Tarasenko – 1st

Hunter Cuss – 2nd


Scot’s Cup – Individual Results

Div 4 – Female –  Alpine

Maribel Goumenis – 5th

Div 2 – Female – Alpine

Keisha Tickle – 1st

Div 2 – Male – Alpine

Angus Cookman – 13th