A Winter Wonderland greeted competitors for the first day of the 2022 Subaru ACT & Regional Interschools Snowsport Championships.

Day 1 saw the following categories head to the start gates of courses across Perisher Resort:

Div 3 – Moguls

Div 2 – Ski Cross

Div 1 – Alpine

With a focus on participation, fun and in the spirit of the AOC Have A Go month, this week will see close to 250 SMGS students across K-12 challenge themselves to reach their personal potential and beyond.

SMGS Director of Sport was ecstatic with the first day of competition, saying, “Congratulations to all our students who participated today. Our students are commended for their courage, spirit and sportsmanship. It was a fantastic start to the week and Interschools competition after a two-year hiatus.”

Top 5 results as follows:

Alpine – Division 1 Female

SMGS (A) – 2nd – (Letitia Murphy(1st), April Wynn, Jasmine Kenna, Isabelle Logan)

SMGS (B) – 3rd – (Abbey Evans (2nd), Chloe Chilcott, Camilla Bourke, Jessica Dawson)

SMGS (C) – 4th – (Sophie Paske, Hannah Jones, Hannah McKay, Georgia Henness)

SMGS (D) – 5th – (Memphis Forrest, Alexandra Fairfield-Smith, Tamzyn Davies)

Alpine – Division 1 Male

SMGS (A) – 2nd – (Flynn Mooney, Max Keable, Connor Matterson, Mitchell Riepon)

SMGS (B) – 5th – (Ben Heginbotham, Harrison Jovanosvki, Spedding Pearce)

Moguls – Division 3 Female

SMGS (B) – 1st – (Talia Manns (1st), Tessa Paxton (3rd), Willow Bakogiannis)

SMGS (A) – 2nd – (Ruby Kite (2nd), Eliza Peake, Abigail Reiner)

Moguls – Div 3 Male

SMGS (A) – 3rd (Toby Shying, Jack Lyster, Kai Sheppard)

Ski Cross – Div 2 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – (Cassandra Nicholls, Alize Steggall (1st), Ruby Freeburn)

SMGS (B) – 2nd – (Charlotte Mooney, Zara Bourke, Jesse Paske)

SMGS (C) – 3rd – (Keisha Tickle (3rd), Alexandria Quinn, Zali Goninan)

SMGS (F) – 4th – (Jade Matterson, Tippi Wieland, Billie Bressington)

SMGS (D) – 5th – (Matilda Henness, Gabriella Forman, Elise Philpott)

Isabelle Davis (2nd)

 Ski Cross – Div 2 Male

SMGS (A) – 1st – (James Peake (2nd), Angus Kite (3rd), Chester Mobbs)

SMGS (C) – 4th – (John-Maxwell Fuller, Aiden Dawson, Nicholas Ottley)

SMGS (B)- 5th – (Angus Cookman, Jack Perkins, Joshua May)

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to all our staff and parents who assisted on the day.

We are looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow.