A Winter Wonderland greeted competitors for the first day of the 2022 Subaru ACT & Regional Interschools Snowsport Championships.

Day 1 saw the following categories head to the start gates of courses across Perisher Resort:

Div 3 – Moguls

Div 2 – Ski Cross

Div 1 – Alpine

With a focus on participation, fun and in the spirit of the AOC Have A Go month, this week will see close to 250 SMGS students across K-12 challenge themselves to reach their personal potential and beyond.

SMGS Director of Sport was ecstatic with the first day of competition, saying, β€œCongratulations to all our students who participated today. Our students are commended for their courage, spirit and sportsmanship. It was a fantastic start to the week and Interschools competition after a two-year hiatus.”

Top 5 results as follows:

Alpine – Division 1 Female

SMGS (A) – 2nd – (Letitia Murphy(1st), April Wynn, Jasmine Kenna, Isabelle Logan)

SMGS (B) – 3rd – (Abbey Evans (2nd), Chloe Chilcott, Camilla Bourke, Jessica Dawson)

SMGS (C) – 4th – (Sophie Paske, Hannah Jones, Hannah McKay, Georgia Henness)

SMGS (D) – 5th – (Memphis Forrest, Alexandra Fairfield-Smith, Tamzyn Davies)

Alpine – Division 1 Male

SMGS (A) – 2nd – (Flynn Mooney, Max Keable, Connor Matterson, Mitchell Riepon)

SMGS (B) – 5th – (Ben Heginbotham, Harrison Jovanosvki, Spedding Pearce)

Moguls – Division 3 Female

SMGS (B) – 1st – (Talia Manns (1st), Tessa Paxton (3rd), Willow Bakogiannis)

SMGS (A) – 2nd – (Ruby Kite (2nd), Eliza Peake, Abigail Reiner)

Moguls – Div 3 Male

SMGS (A) – 3rd (Toby Shying, Jack Lyster, Kai Sheppard)

Ski Cross – Div 2 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – (Cassandra Nicholls, Alize Steggall (1st), Ruby Freeburn)

SMGS (B) – 2nd – (Charlotte Mooney, Zara Bourke, Jesse Paske)

SMGS (C) – 3rd – (Keisha Tickle (3rd), Alexandria Quinn, Zali Goninan)

SMGS (F) – 4th – (Jade Matterson, Tippi Wieland, Billie Bressington)

SMGS (D) – 5th – (Matilda Henness, Gabriella Forman, Elise Philpott)

Isabelle Davis (2nd)

 Ski Cross – Div 2 Male

SMGS (A) – 1st – (James Peake (2nd), Angus Kite (3rd), Chester Mobbs)

SMGS (C) – 4th – (John-Maxwell Fuller, Aiden Dawson, Nicholas Ottley)

SMGS (B)- 5th – (Angus Cookman, Jack Perkins, Joshua May)

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to all our staff and parents who assisted on the day.

We are looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow.