The first full day of competition of the 2022 ACT & Regional NSW Interschools Snowsports Championships saw our Div 1,2, and 3 skiers take on the perfectly prepared courses on Front Valley, Jump City and Mogul Matts.

For our Div 1 skiers, today is the final day of their last Regional Interschools.

With memories made and friendships forged on the Interschools racecourses over so many years, today was a special one for many of our students.

Congratulations to all our students who represented SMGS with exceptional sportsmanship, spirit and camaraderie today.

Tomorrow, it’s the snowboarder’s turn to race the clock at Perisher Valley.

Thank you again to all our staff and parents for their assistance today. 

SMGS teams faired exceptionally well, posting some excellent results, including the following top five results:

Div 3 Alpine – Female

SMGS (B) – 2nd – (Tessa Paxton, Talia Manns, Abigail Reiner, Georgette Philpott)

SMGS (A) – 3rd – (Eliza Peake, Ruby Kite, Gretchin Quinn, Lillian Brown)

SMGS (D) – 5th – (Willow Bakogiannis, Rome Lloyd, Maddison Grisbrook, Tahlia Frost)

Div 3 Alpine – Male

SMGS (C) – 5th – (Cole Haigh, Aidan O’Connor, Tom Glasson, Hunter Pearce)

Div 1 Ski Cross – Female

SMGS (A) – 2nd – (Letitia Murphy, April Wynn)

SMGS (B) – 3rd – (Abbey Evans (1st), Chloe Chilcott, Camilla Bourke)

SMGS (C) – 4th – (Memphis Forrest, Sophie Paske, Alexandra Fairfield-Smith)

SMGS (D) – 5th – (Jessica Dawson, Georgia Henness, Catherine Stynes-Garratty)

Div 1 Ski Cross – Male

SMGS (A) – 3rd – (Flynn Mooney (1st), Max Keable, Beau Caddy-Gammell)

Div 2 Moguls – Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – (Alexandria Quinn (1st), Charlotte Mooney, Jesse Paske (2nd))

SMGS (B) – 2nd – (Jessica Logan, Mia Andrews, Isabelle Davis (3rd))

Div 2 Moguls – Male

SMGS (A) – 3rd – (Toby Shying, Jack Lyster, Kai Sheppard)

Div 3 Ski Cross – Female

SMGS (B) – 2nd – (Tessa Paxton, Talia Manns, Georgette Philpott)

SMGS (A) – 3rd – (Ruby Kite, Eliza Peake (2nd tie), Gretchen Quinn)

Div 1 Moguls – Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – (Hannah Jones (1st), Jasmine Kenna, Jessica Dawson (2nd))

SMGS (B) – 2nd – (Chloe Chilcott (3rd), Catherine Stynes-Garratty, Sophie Paske)

SMGS (D) – 3rd – (Alexandra Fairfield-Smith, Ella Dennis, Tamzyn Davies)

SMGS (C) – 4th – (Memphis Forrest, Isabella Logan, Hannah McKay)

Div 1 Moguls – Male

SMGS (A) – (Flynn Mooney (2nd), Max Keable (3rd))