Day 3 of the 2022 Australian Interschools Championships saw our Junior School ski and snowboard athletes close out their spectacular Nationals campaign with Div 5 Alpine, Div 5 Moguls and Div 4 Ski Cross. Our youngest racers were joined on piste by Div 1 Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle, Div 2 and 3 Snowboard GS, and Div 1 and 3 Snowboard Cross.

SMGS Director of Sport, Mr Martin Philpott, was proud of our students’ sportsmanship and spirit, saying, “It’s been a great competition so far. Well done to all our students who have embodied the school values of Courage, Authenticity, Respect and Empathy over the last three days of competition. I also want to thank our parents, staff and older students who supported our younger students at the event this week. Indeed, it takes a village, and we are an exceptional village!”

Div 5 racer Felix Hosie was excited with the Div 5 Male Mogul teams, which placed 1st and 2nd yesterday. He said, “I wanted to get a good turn score, but I knew that wasn’t enough on its own, and my jump had to be red hot. I was happy with my double twister and was blown away by the other boys’ airs.”

Div 4 racer Lilly Brauer echoed her teammates sentiment, saying, “competing in Interschools was such a fun time. I loved how everyone cheered for each other and there was such a nice, encouraging SMGS community. I can’t wait until it’s time to compete again next year!.”

SMGS was once again no stranger to the podium! The top 5 results were as follows: 


Div 5 Male

SMGS (A) – 2nd – Reid Armstrong, Loki Davis, Hayden Lees, Banjo Brauer

SMGS (B) – 5th – Tate Baker, Rafael Reiner, Hugo McGrath, Felix Hosie

Ski Cross

Div 4 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Alessia Diver (1st), Lucia Wickham, Lilly Brauer

SMGS (B) – 3rd – Madeline Lloyd, Willow Philpott, Addison Hosie

Div 4 Male

SMGS (A) – 2nd – James Tickle, Archie Cuthbert, Jack Philpott

Ski Slopestyle

Div 1 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Sophie Paske, Jessica Dawson, Hannah Jones

Div 1 Male

SMGS (A) – 1st – Angus Falconer (3rd), Beau Caddy-Gammell (4th), Connor Matterson

SMGS (B) – 3rd – Mitchell Riepon, Flynn Mooney

Snowboard Slopestyle

Div 1 Male

SMGS (A) – 2nd – Riley Finlayson, Rennie Falconer

Snowboard GS

Div 2 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Alizé Steggall, Mikayla Quee (3rd), Samantha Stynes-Garratty

SMGS (B) – 3rd – Olivia Roche, Keisha Tickle, Amelia Rawson

Div 2 Male

SMGS (A) – 1st – Cameron Turner (1st), Garrett Beilicz, Taylor Anstee

SMGS (B) – 3rd – Cooper Cuss, Will McKay, Alexander Brinkmann

Div 3 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Willow Bakogiannis, Abbie Matterson, Tahlia Frost

Div 3 Male

SMGS (A) – 3rd – Alexander Frost (1st), Mitchell Frost, Zac Rowland

Snowboard Cross

Div 1 Female

SMGS (A) – 5th – Ruby Smith, Lara McLennan

Div 1 Male

SMGS (A) – 3rd – Rennie Falconer, Sam Roche, Riley Finlayson

Div 3 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Willow Bakogiannis, Abbie Matterson, Georgette Philpott

Div 3 Male

SMGS (A) – 3rd – Alexander Frost (3rd), Mitchell Frost, Zac Rowland

Div 5 Moguls

SMGS (A) – 1st – Reid Armstrong, Tate Baker, Banjo Brauer

SMGS (B) – 2nd – Loki Davis (4th), Felix Hosie, James Pratt