Mother Nature’s indecisiveness was no match for our students on Day 5 of the 2022 Australian Snowsport Interschool Championships.

With the Primary School Points Score complete, our Senior Students got to work a Perisher Resort in the Div 1 and 3 Moguls, Div 1 and 3 Alpine and Div 2 Ski Cross. 

SMGS Director of Sport was proud of how the students navigated the weather through the day, saying, “today was a true test of resilience and agility as conditions for all the events held challenges for the competitors. I am so proud of the school spirit and support students showed today, particularly at the awards, where many students stayed to cheer on their teammates in the pouring rain.”

SMGS had several Top 5 results, including: 

Day 5 Results


Div 1 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Abbey Evans, Letitia Murphy (1st), April Wynn, Chloe Chilcott

Div 3 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Tessa Paxton, Talia Manns, Ruby Kite, Abigail Reiner

SMGS (B) – 4th – Eliza Peake, Rome Lloyd, Willow Bakogiannis, Georgette Philpott


Div 1 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Hannah Jones (1st), Jessica Dawson, Sophie Paske

Div 1 Male

SMGS (A) – 1st – Flynn Mooney (3rd), Tamzyn Davies

Div 3 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Talia Manns, Eliza Peake (1st), Ruby Kite (3rd)

SMGS (B) – 2nd – Tessa Paxton, Abigail Reiner, Willow Bakogiannis

Ski Cross

Div 2 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Cassandra Nicholls (1st), Keisha Tickle, Isabelle Davis

SMGs (B) – 2nd – Alize Steggall (4th), Charlotte Mooney, Jesse Paske

Div 2 Male

SMGS (A) – 4th – James Peake (3rd), Angus Kite, Jack Perkins