The sixth and final day of the 2022 National Interschool Snowsport Championships did not disappoint. The Perisher race crews perfectly prepared the courses for the Div 2 Alpine, Div 2 Moguls and Div 1 Ski Cross.

The final day of Nationals also signalled the last race of their schooling career for many of our Year 12 students.

Letitia Murphy, who raced her first Interschools in Kindergarten, Letitia achieved a gold medal in Div 1 Alpine and a Silver medal in Div 1 Ski Cross. Reflecting on her final week of racing and interschools campaign, Letitia said, “14 years of competing at Interschools came to an end this week. Racing my last nationals couldn’t have been better, and what better way to end it other than where it all began… Perisher. The culture and environment of interschools are what makes it so special. The friendships, the laughs, the excitement, the challenges, the competitiveness and the disappointments – are all my favourite things about interschools. It was great to complete with my fellow year 12 students from SMGS and around the country. I am incredibly grateful to have been able to compete in interschools, and while I’m sad it’s over, I’m glad it happened.”

We will hear more from our Year 12 students in our Nationals wrap-up article.

Congratulations to all our students who raced on Sunday.

The top 5 team and individual results were as follows:


Div 2 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Keisha Tickle, Charlotte Mooney (3rd), Cassandra Nicholls, Alize Steggall

SMGS (B) – 3rd – Jesse Paske, Issabelle Davis, Zara Bourke, Zali Goninan


Div 2 Female

SMGS (A) – 2nd – Charlotte Mooney, Lottie Lodge (1st)

SMGs (B) – 3rd – Jesse Paske, Alexandra Quinn (4th), Isabelle Davis

Div 2 Male

SMGS (A) – 1st – Angus Kite (1st), Jack Perkins (3rd), Aidan Dawson

Ski Cross

Div 1 Female

SMGS (A) – 1st – Abbey Evans (1st), Letitia Murphy (2nd), April Wynn (3rd)