On Monday of Week 2 we left school for the Pinch. We enjoyed the extra 10 degrees and stunning views of the Snowy River and the local landscape. Starting with a briefing and mindfulness session beside the Snowy River, we learnt from Jacob and Chess about some of the local Ngarigo Indigenous history, culture and traditions, really zenning our minds. On the Tuesday we did a big walk, aiming to reach the Victorian border, but reaching nowhere near it, we learnt a lot about the bush, discovered and found many animals and learnt some handy navigating skills. We had lunch on the top of a hill looking out over the Snowy River and were amazed with the beautiful scenery and landscape that is only on hour away from Jindabyne. The steep, hungry and thirsty walk back into camp seemed to go on for ever. Distracted by a values workshop, we learnt lots about ourselves and each other. Dinner on Tuesday night seemed difficult for some. Being tied up for dinner, making us eat more slowly and work as a team really changed our perspective as a year group and helped us bond together. Again, a zen before bed and very early night, not.

Year 11 camp was so beneficial for all of us and it was a great experience to see another part of our wonderful area that many of us had not seen before. As a cohort we bonded through group activity. This brought us together, learning heaps about each other and ourselves. We constantly had to work as a team throughout the days of camp. At the end of each day we sat around the campfire, reminiscing and reflecting about our day. We sang and played many songs, whether at camp, on the bus or near the fire. We connected with our land and nature and gained a sense of appreciation of our lives.

Spedding and Chloe