Celebrating the 2022 School Year

It is hard to conceive just how quickly 2022 has come to a close.

The return of events, bringing our school community together, further amplified the importance of connection and interaction to the wellbeing of every individual in our school community and in our care.

Our students shone brightly in the classroom, outdoors, albeit while on skis, a mountain bike or pursuing their own interests. On a single track, in the pool, on the stage, virtually and in person, and in both team and individual pursuits. I speak on behalf of our staff as I extend my congratulations and gratitude to our students on their efforts this year, as they continued to represent themselves, their families and their School with distinction. Particular congratulations are extended to our Year 12 2022 cohort who represented themselves both academically and in the sporting arena with outstanding success, while remaining young people of conviction and purpose.

The conclusion of the school year also signals the end of many milestones. Our youngest learners flourished as they navigated their first year of formal schooling with poise and wisdom well beyond their years. At the same time, the leaders of the School, our Year 12 cohort, completed their final year, leaving the arms of the School, ready to embrace the next chapter full of new adventures and challenges. These occasions offer time for reflection, consideration and an opportunity to begin the next stage fresh and with renewed perspective, vigour and knowledge.

I would like to again extend my appreciation to our staff, students and the community for a positive and productive 2022 school year. Much has been achieved by many individuals and teams this year, and we will continue to find new ways to accomplish the mission and vision of the School as we look ahead to the new year. A great school requires many attributes, the core element of these coming from its students, staff and community. I sincerely thank all those who supported Snowy Mountains Grammar School for their endeavours and care of our community.

My best wishes to all for a safe and restful holiday period.

Dr Andrew Bell