2023 Thredbo Cannonball Festival

 What a week! 38 SMGS students recently competed in the 2023 Thredbo Cannonball Festival, one of Australia’s largest mountain bike competitions with over 900 entries and featuring some of the world’s best riders.

The events included the Fox Flow Motion Cup, the Osprey All-Mountain Assault, the Rockshox Pump Track Challenge the Deity Whip Wars Big Air, and the Oakley Australian Open Downhill.

In addition to these events, the Australian National Championships were held in conjunction with Cannonball this year, meaning riders entered in the Pump tack and Downhill events, were also racing for the green and gold national title.

I think what I was most thrilled about throughout the week was the great community atmosphere that our students and families created. The supportive and inclusive environment allowed students of all ability levels to give it a go and be part of such an important event.

Despite a big field of competition, students performed admirably. We had 38 students from SMGS racing, ranging from Under 11’s to Under 19’s, showcasing their talents on our home hill. I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating everyone that competed over the week on a fantastic effort and some great results.

Overall Results:

For individual race results, please see the Thredbo website 

  • U19 Women:
    • Ruby F: 5th
    • Georgia H: 8th
  • U19 Men:
    • Rennie F: 11th
    • Sam M: 35th
    • William H: 53rd
  • U17 Women:
    • Matilda H: 6th
    • Callie B: 11th
  • U17 Men:
    • Max F: 28th
    • Finlay O: 30th
    • Nicholas O: 38th
    • Jesse B: 46th
    • Jarrah H: 54th
    • Tom B: 69th
    • Will M: 79th
    • Luka P: 92nd
    • Cian T: 99th
    • Harrison B: 105th
    • William M: 105th
    • Jack L: 105th
    • Cole H: 119th
  • U15 Women:
    • Alessia D: 11th
  • U15 Men:
    • Samuel L: 11th
    • Archer H: 14th
    • Archie C: 28th
    • Archi M: 37th
    • Levi W: 37th
    • Tasman H: 57th
    • Jed P: 58th
  • U13 Women:
    • Madeline L: 1st National Champ
    • Lucia W: 2nd
    • Lilly B: 3rd
    • Olivia C: 7th
  • U13 Men:
    • Ashton B: 1st National Champ
    • Reid A: 10th
    • Kody B: 11th
    • Jamie W: 19th
    • Sergio C: 26th
  • U11 Women:
    • Miranda B: 1st

Additional mentions

  • Maddie L: U13 Women’s National XC Champion
  • Samuel M: Deity Whip Wars Invitational: 5th

Overall, SMGS participants displayed great sportsmanship, with older students seen helping out the younger ones and families coming together to support each other. The community atmosphere of the event was second to none. I thank you all and look forward to seeing you at the 2023 MTB Interschools from the 6th – 10th of March.

Josh Armstead

ESA Co-ordinator