The start of the school year can be an overwhelming experience, especially for our youngest learners starting their educational journey. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the successful launch of our 2023 buddy program, where our Kindergarten students are paired up with their very own Year 12 buddy.

The buddy program is an integral part of our school’s wellbeing approach, promoting a sense of community, inclusivity, and support among our students. Our Year 12 buddies play an essential role in helping our K-2 students adjust to the school environment and build confidence as they take on new challenges.

The first meeting between our youngest learners and their buddies was a momentous occasion, filled with excitement and anticipation. From the get-go, the bond between the buddies was evident, and it was heartening to see the positive impact the program has on our students.

Throughout the year, our buddies will participate in various activities together, including reading groups, carnivals, and school events. By actively engaging with their K-2 buddies, our Year 12 students are creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment that encourages our youngest learners to feel confident and brave enough to take on new challenges.

The buddy program is an excellent example of the school’s commitment to promoting the wellbeing of our students, and we’re incredibly proud of the positive impact it has on our school community. It’s inspiring to see our students take on the roles of mentors and leaders and contribute to creating a sense of community within our school.

In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude to our Year 12 students, who have generously given their time and energy to support our K-2 students. We look forward to seeing the incredible achievements and relationships that will develop through this program throughout the school year.