The middle years of school are a crucial time in a student’s academic and personal journey. It is a time of transition, where students move from the foundations of primary school to the more challenging demands of secondary school. It is a time when students need to establish good learning habits and a positive attitude towards learning and life. The journey of Middle School is one of growth, excitement and, at times, challenges. As our students navigate the time that is Middle School, it is vital that we hold firm to our expectations and support students to grow and develop as whole people, in what can be a transformative time for our students.

During Middle School, students experience significant changes physically, emotionally and socially. They are developing their sense of identity, values and beliefs about the world around them. By providing learning that is built upon a strong foundation of values, we endeavour to support our students to navigate these changes and challenges in a positive and constructive way. By upholding high expectations and providing support, Snowy Mountains Grammar School strives to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world, while also fostering the values of courage, authenticity, respect and empathy, known as CARE to our community.

Building strong relationships with teachers and peers is essential for academic, physical and emotional success in the middle years of schooling. Teachers can provide valuable guidance and support, and peers can offer motivation and encouragement. Over the course of the year, students will engage in year group meetings, where discussion around areas that require development and consolidation in terms of our actions or culture will occur, as well as celebrating who we are as a team, and individually. Building strong connections and knowledge of peers will be encouraged and promoted in order to build on our sense of belonging.

Students will engage in our positive behaviour program, 4 Peaks, becoming well versed in what our core values feel and sound like, together with recognition of the positive habits that develop from engagement with the program. Students will be challenged to take responsibility for their actions while striving to work toward their very best – academically, physically and socially. By instilling our values of CARE and providing a supportive learning environment, we endeavour to encourage students to grow into confident and compassionate individuals who are prepared to make a positive impact on the world.

It is with anticipation and a genuine smile that I welcome all students and families to a new year in our Middle School.

Jennifer Thompson
Head of Middle School