North West Equestrian Expo 

Written by Chloe Chilcott, SMGS Sports Co-Captain 

The North West Equestrian Expo, was an amazing event that brought schools and students together. The event was a whole week of competition including a range of different disciplines. Throughout the week all the students were constantly supporting each other by helping one another before competing and cheering on our peers from the side lines. My favourite events were the team events such as Team Six Bar, Team Penning and Team Barrels. Everyone from the SMGS team competed in these events. These events are a lot of fun as we compete all together and compete against other teams from other schools and all the parents and riders are cheering everyone on. Every night we gathered to reflect on our favourite moments of the day and prepare for the next. Together, the SMGS team brought home a variety of ribbons in different disciplines and categories. Overall, we were thrilled with the results.  The North West Expo brings the SMGS Equestrian team together and allows us to create lots of amazing memories and form new friendships.  

Top 5 Results 


Cora Whitehead – Senior Girls – 3rd 

Showjumping  – Astro Competition 2 Phase 

Cora Whitehead – 4th 

A2  – 80-1 

Caille Beare – 4th 

Gretchen Quinn – 5th