The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award continues to thrive at Snowy Mountains Grammar School, with over seventy students in Years 9 to 12 currently working towards the achievement of their Award.

There are three levels of the Award Program—the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Each of these levels requires students to participate in and demonstrate commitment and improvement in skill development in four sections: Physical Recreation, Skill, Community Service and Adventurous Journeys. Each of the three levels of the Award requires an increase in time commitment over the four sections.

Over the past few months, twelve students have achieved either their Silver or Bronze Award. This is an outstanding achievement, as our students continue to balance their academic, cultural and sporting commitments. Sincere congratulations to the following students:

Silver Award

  • Jimmy (Year 12)
  • Elise (Year 11)
  • Alizé (Year 11)

Bronze Award

  • Timothy (Year 10)
  • Nadia (Year 9)
  • Zali (Year 10)
  • Leilani (Year 10)
  • Joshua (Year 10)
  • Tulli (Year 10)
  • James (Year 10)
  • Georgette (Year 9)
  • Alexandria (Year 10).

Mrs Melissa Bell