Growing Together: Celebrating 100 Days of Kindergarten!

On Friday 28 July 2023, we celebrated a momentous occasion—our Kindergarten class’s first 100 days of the 2023 school year. These young learners have shown remarkable growth, resilience, and enthusiasm as they embrace the joys of education. 

To commemorate this milestone, the students planted 100 trees and shrubs in our School’s Garden with the help of the Senior School students. It was a meaningful gesture representing growth and environmental stewardship on National Tree Day.

We also want to say A big thank you to Wagtail Native Nursery for providing the plants and trees and providing an engaging talk for our students before the tree-planting event.

Congratulations to the Kindergarten class of 2023! With Ms Nikora’s guidance and the support of their peers, these young learners will continue to thrive and make a difference. Together, we grow, learn, and celebrate the journey ahead.