SMGS Equestrian riders have had a successful competition season so far, with many riders attending the Equestrian NSW State Interschool Championships. Six students and their horses headed to Sydney, including Abby Douch, Chloe Chilcott, Cassandra Nicholls, Annabelle Stott Despoja, Bethany Richardson-Dunn and Cora Whitehead.  

Congratulations to our students on their NSW Interschool results: 



Bethany Richardson-Dunn, riding Lambourne Park Couperin—10th 


Annabelle Stott Despoja, riding DP Democracy—5th 


Annabelle Stott Despoja, riding Strings Attached—2nd 

Show Jumping 

SJ Secondary 100 cm 238 2.1 

Cassandra Nicholls, riding Emmaville Gem—12th 

Bethany Richardson-Dunn, riding Lambourne Park Couperin—19th 

Chloe Chilcott, riding Accolade Ego Z—22nd 

SJ Secondary 110 cm 238 2.1 

Cora Whitehead, riding HPH Manifesto—5th 

SJ Secondary 110 cm 2 Phase 

Cora Whitehead, riding HPH Manifesto—2nd 

Overall SJ Secondary 110 cm  

Cora Whitehead, riding HPH Manifesto—5th 

Hacking—Abby Douch: 

Secondary Show Hunter  

Riding ‘Rosegate High Alto’  

  • 2nd Led  
  • 5th Rider  
  • 3rd Ridden  
  • 3rd Overall State Championship.  

Secondary Working Hunter  

Riding ‘Flash Jack’  

  • 5th Led   
  • 3rd Rider  
  • 1st Jump phase  
  • 2nd Overall State Championship. 

Abby’s results earned her a formal invitation to represent SMGS as part of the NSW State team at the Australian Equestrian Interschool Championships in September.    

Well done to all the students who represented SMGS at the state competition, and best wishes to Abby and her horses as they prepare to take on the nation’s best at the Australian Interschool Championships.