In a world where education is evolving faster than ever, the significance of hands-on experiences cannot be overstated. Last week, SMGS Year 10 students showcased their reflections on their work experiences. These reflections provided a glimpse into the world of work and underscored the incredible growth, passion, and insights that can be gained through real-world learning.

As Mrs Emma Smith, the Careers Advisor, eloquently put it, “Work experiences serve as the bridge that connects theory to practice, classroom to the boardroom. These opportunities are not just about understanding what a job entails, but also about discovering personal passions and strengths that might shape future career paths.”

From the bustling offices to the fields of innovation, students ventured into various industries and organizations, immersing themselves in environments beyond the classroom. These experiences were not only about acquiring practical skills but also about developing a deeper understanding of themselves and their potential future paths.

A heartfelt thank you is owed to the numerous organisations and businesses that made this invaluable opportunity possible. Their commitment to fostering the next generation’s growth and learning is commendable. Among the organisations that opened their doors to these young minds were:

Tourism Snowy Mountains Aviation
Mr Phil Ryrie SMGS
IT Department SMGS
Junior School SMGS
Snowy Hydro
Snowy Mountains Care and Early Learning Centre
D.S Labels Pty Ltd
The Beauty Parlour – Bega
Action Learning Initiatives
Casula Hobbies
Re-wood Furniture
Berridale Public School
P.S Building
Peak Physio Plus
The Canberra Theatre
Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa
Sutton Ouverture Sport Horses
Basketball ACT
Cooma Cranes
Cooma Hospital
Timbermill Pty Ltd
Coolamatong Farming
Maurice Byers Chambers
Little Possums Early Childhood Learning Centre
Monaro Vet
Future Generations – Snowy 2.0
Frandankar Park Sport Horses
Collaery Lawyers

From healthcare to technology, from arts to engineering, the diverse array of opportunities highlighted the multifaceted nature of work in today’s society. Each experience offered a unique lens through which students could envision their futures and aspirations. As they stood before their peers, their reflections served as a testament to the power of experiential learning.

This event not only celebrated the students’ accomplishments but also highlighted the vital role that collaboration between educational institutions and the professional world plays in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. As the world continues to evolve, the importance of instilling practical skills, resilience, and adaptability in young minds has become more evident.