Staff Spotlight | Danielle Goucher, Deputy Principal

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your background in education and what led you to join our school?

A: I have worked in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast throughout my teaching career, at various schools, in both pastoral and curriculum, executive and middle leadership roles. I have also worked in both primary and secondary school settings, teaching a wide range of subjects across the curriculum. Working at Snowy Mountains Grammar School was a very exciting proposition for me, because I had always wanted to work in a rural setting and experience the education system in a different state of Australia other than Queensland. My family are familiar with the Snowy Mountains region, as we have experienced winter holidays over the years in this majestic part of Australia.

Q: What attracted you to the role of Deputy Principal at Snowy Mountains Grammar School?

A: Despite bidding farewell to the sunny Gold Coast, the allure of being part of a school that values every stakeholder, fosters a culture of continuous improvement, and that has experienced consistent growth in enrolments, was appealing. I am passionate about the opportunity to contribute to a community that prioritises the wellbeing and growth of its students, teachers and parents.

Q: What are your primary goals and priorities as Deputy Principal?

A: My foremost priority, and an ongoing commitment, is to forge meaningful connections within our school community, embracing diverse perspectives on the opportunities and challenges we face. Leading a cohesive school community where both students and teachers can realise their potential collectively and individually is at the core of my mission. Central to this is enhancing student and teacher agency, empowering them to navigate their educational journeys with confidence.

Q: What aspects of the school community are you most looking forward to being involved in?

A: I have loved engaging with various facets of our school community. Collaborating with our Director of Innovation in our Year 7 Skills lessons has been particularly rewarding. It has been great to witness our students tackle problems collaboratively and creatively. The prospect of Year 7 students building their own app in their Skills lessons this year is both exciting and a testament to the innovative spirit within our classrooms. Additionally, seeing the curiosity of the young minds in our Junior School classrooms has been delightful and I am looking forward to joining our Junior School camps in Term 2.

Q: Can you share any initiatives or projects you hope to implement during your time as Deputy Principal?

A: Coming from a background as a foreign language teacher and living in Japan for a couple of years, I have a passion for students to learn about other cultures and languages. I certainly want to be part of a team that increases our students’ global literacy and fosters some long-standing international relationships with schools overseas. Initiating programs that provide more opportunities for our female students to embrace STEM projects, such as establishing a female-led robotics team, is also an initiative that I hope to be involved with in the future. 

Q: As you’ve been with us for a term now, how have you found settling into your role as Deputy Principal? Can you share some highlights?

A: Settling into my role as Deputy Principal has been filled with countless highlights. The warmth and support from our community have been particularly noteworthy, with students and staff extending friendly introductions right from my first day. The musical talents showcased at events and assemblies have left an impression on me, especially during Speech Day, when Olivia Henley delivered a moving performance. Living in the boarding house during Term 4 last year offered unique insights, such as witnessing the genuine excitement of senior girls receiving second-hand clothes—their gratitude and excitement resonated with the spirit of our school.