Our Digital Media team have decided to focus their attention this year on storytelling through photography, podcasting and videography. We are placing our own twist on inspiration from a movement that began in New York, called ‘Humans of New York’. Welcome to Humans of SMGS!  

During the term, students have been working with the still image. When considering what makes a photograph good, they have explored exposure, composition, lighting, place and object. Using a suite of new Canon cameras, students have taken photographs each week that concentrate on specific elements of photography. They then embraced our new Adobe suite and used Lightroom Classic to manipulate images. In the photo you’ll see their attempt to consider portraiture. Using key lighting and fill lighting, Harry our chosen model, was happy to sit in front of the camera to be the test for a lighting and composition task.  

The Digital Media team is looking forward to bringing you more of their creations throughout the year as they continue to delve into the creative space of digital media. 

Scott Frize 

Head of Faculty—Visual Arts and Design