During Term 1, Stage 3 students transformed our combined Year 5 and 6 classrooms into a vibrant wonderland of creativity and fun, all for a great cause. Inspired by the famous Caine’s Arcade story, our inventive students constructed their very own arcade games out of recycled cardboard boxes. This engaging event wasn’t just about working collaboratively with peers in STEM, it was a fundraiser to support UNICEF’s efforts around the globe. 

The idea for this fundraiser came from the heartwarming story of Caine Monroy, a young boy from Los Angeles, who built an elaborate cardboard arcade in his father’s auto parts store. Caine’s story became a viral sensation and inspired countless others to harness their creativity for good. Our Stage 3 students embraced this spirit, working enthusiastically to design and build their games. 

This project was not only an engaging way to raise money but also an invaluable educational experience. Students learned about engineering, problem-solving and teamwork as they constructed their games. They also explored the importance of global citizenship by understanding how their efforts could make a difference in the lives of children supported by UNICEF. 

Our classroom was filled with an array of imaginative and skilfully crafted games, each one unique and challenging. From Space Pinball to Ten Pin Bowling Teacher and Claw Machine, the creativity on display was truly remarkable. Students from Kindergarten to Year 4 lined up to try their hand at these homemade games, enjoying the playful atmosphere and the opportunity to support a meaningful cause. 

The Caine’s Arcade event was a tremendous success, raising money for UNICEF. These funds will go towards providing essential supplies and support for children in need around the world. It was inspiring to see our Junior School students work together, play games and contribute to such a worthy cause. 

Christine Philpott 

Year 5 Teacher and Stage 3 Leader