On the Last Wednesday of May, a team of 10 riders departed the Snowy Mountains to tackle the 9-hour trip to Coonabarabran.

The week started rather wet and muddy, with many events being pushed back and swapped around – 40ml of rain overnight will do that! The sunshine briefly popped out on day two, and we headed out!

This year’s team of competitors consisted of:

Taylah & Bundy

Marli & Bentley

Sage & Smarty

Taylor & Gwen

Molly & Noel

Frankie & Ultra

Josh & Ex

Gretchen & Pearl

Aribella & Will

Larni & Junior

All riders represented SMGS and themselves exceptionally. They overcame many changes and busy moments with no issues. Overall, we had a very successful week. Many new PBs were achieved, along with some ribbons to bring home!

The results for the week were:

Molly (Year 7)

  • Working Horse Challenge Champion 13yrs 
  • Sporting Champion 13yrs
  • 2nd Warrumbungles Way 13yrs
  • 2nd Division 1 Team penning 
  • 9th 65cm Combined Training 

Sage (Year 9)

  • 2nd Warrumbungles Way 14yrs
  • 2nd Division 1 Team Penning 
  • 8th 65cm Combined Training 

Taylor (Year 9)

  • 11th 65cm Combined Training 

Aribella (Year 9)

  • 7th 65cm Eventing 

Larni (Year 9)

  • 7th 65cm Combined Training 

Gretchen (Year 9)

  • 1st 80cm A2 Showjumping 
  • 2nd 80cm 2 Phase 
  • 80cm showjumping Reserve Champion 
  • 9th Jnr girls Pentathlon 
  • 3rd 65cm Eventing 

Josh (Year 11)

  • 1st Snr Boys Pentathlon 
  • 8th 80cm Eventing 

Marli (Year 11)

  • 2nd Division 1 Team Penning 
  • 11th Warrumbungles Way 16yrs
  • 1st 65cm Combined Training 

Taylah (Year 11)

  • =10th Warrumbungles Way 16yrs 
  • 6th 65cm Combined Training 

Frankie (Year 11)

  • 7th Snr Girls Pentathlon 
  • 4th rider Class 16yrs 

Throughout the week, the riders competed in a wide range of events and disciplines, and everyone learnt something new! 

The Warrumbungles Way had many events that all came together for the overall event scores! It consisted of Whipcrack skills, working a mechanical cow, a water jump, a time trial and a freestyle component. 

We also had the pentathlon, which involved a bike ride around the race course, a run around the x-country course, a javelin throw, a top-point score show jump round, and jumping equitation. 

SMGS had a wide range of horse and rider skills on show for the week!