Can you share a memorable experience or event that highlights the sense of community within the Boarding House? 

My most memorable moment in the Boarding House, which really showed how much of a community we are, was in Year 11. It was my first year in the Boarding House and we did an outdoor music night after school on a Friday. After all the juniors had gone to bed, the seniors stayed up and watched a scary movie. It was really cool to experience everyone just relaxing on the big bean bags with everyone’s blankets around them. 

How do you balance your academic responsibilities with your role as a prefect in the Boarding House? 

I find that academics and being a prefect go hand in hand. A lot of my role as a prefect is to be a kid that the other boarders can look up to and who they know is a trusted older person who’s probably had the same experiences. Prep is a big part of the boarding lifestyle and I find myself helping many of the juniors with their assessments or homework—probably because they know I’ve done the work before, but it’s always nice to help where I can. This helps me with my studies as it gives me a refresh on the ways of figuring out problems. Going back to basics is also a good way to lower my stress levels while still learning.  

What advice would you give to incoming boarders to make the most of their boarding experience? 

Be open to everything and don’t be stressed about making friends. We were all shaking like a leaf on our first few days, but everyone is extremely welcoming and there’s a friend for everyone, who will end up being more like a sibling than anything else by the end. No matter your age group or where you’re from, we’ve got people who come from everywhere and are into everything. 

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the boarding community, and how has it affected your overall school experience? 

The thing I most enjoy would be the hot meals every lunch and recess—no more forgetting my lunches. But realistically, the thing I’ve subconsciously enjoyed the most is the getting to know everyone. Without the boho, I don’t think I would’ve interacted with the younger years at all. I started in Year 10 so I didn’t have the connections that many students here have built over the years, and now knowing many of the people I walk past on the way to class is special. 

Can you describe a typical day for you as a prefect in the Boarding House? 

Every day is different but on a normal run-of-the-mill day, it involves getting up and going to breakfast. If I accidentally sleep in and miss breakfast, I’m the worse for it. I’m out the door by 8.35 am, and normally on my way out I stop and talk to Nadia, who’s practically everyone’s second mother. Recess and lunch go by quickly—we all get our food and eat, making sure to guard the food from the seagulls, and the growing boys love seconds and thirds! After school it’s organised chaos, with everyone going everywhere. As a prefect, my main job here is understanding what’s going on when and where, so I can answer anyone’s questions. After the chaos has died down and dinner’s done, we go down to prep. This is the area where my job gets seen the most. I’m always open for anyone to ask questions. As the Boarding Captain, there isn’t really a set routine and list of jobs—it’s different every day and it’s really rewarding. My job never ends—I don’t switch off after school as that’s when my role really starts.