Entry Process

Participants in the SMGS Elite Snowsports Academy (ESA) must be enrolled at SMGS, either as a full-time student or as a winter term-only student.  All participants in ESA are subject to the Terms and Conditions and Schedule of Fees which apply to all SMGS students.  Any offer of entry into the Elite Snowsports Academy is contingent on the offer and acceptance of enrolment at SMGS.  The enrolment process for the school and the entry process into the ESA program can be completed simultaneously.

To apply to enter the ESA program:

  • The 2019 ESA Application Form is completed and returned
  • The 2019 ESA Code of Conduct Form is completed and returned
  • An interview is held with the An interview is held with the ESA Co-Ordinator, Annabel Elliot and/or the Head of Student Programs & Development, Martin Philpott and/or the Principal or his/her delegate.
  • An offer is made, contingent on the items listed below.

Entry in the ESA is completed on an annual basis.  All participants must re-apply for each program year.  In order to be considered for a place in the Elite Snowsports Academy at Snowy Mountains Grammar School, an applicant must:

  • Be enrolled or have been offered a place at SMGS as a full-time or winter term-only enrolment, over the winter of the ESA application.
  • Have been interviewed by the Principal or his /her delegate.
  • Have proof of acceptance into a resort-based ski program over the winter of the ESA application.
  • Be interviewed by the ESA co-ordinator, Annabel Elliot to confirm compatibility of the applicant with the program.

In addition, both the participant and their parent / guardian must read and accept the Code of Conduct for ESA participants.

Once these conditions have been met successfully, an offer of a place on the ESA program may be made.

Any offer of a place will be made in writing and bear the signature of the Principal or their delegate.  The offer will be valid for a specified time period.  If no response is received in that time period, then the offer may be withdrawn and the place offered to another applicant without further notice from SMGS.

The offer will enclose:

  • An “acceptance of offer of a place” which is required to be completed by all parties to the enrolment agreement, and returned to SMGS within the specified time period.
  • Details of payments due for the ESA program, including the deposit, and an indication of due dates.
  • The ESA Code of Conduct which must be read and accepted by both the participant and their parent / guardian.

The return of the “Acceptance of Offer of a Place” does not constitute acceptance until the deposit is made and the enrolment at SMGS is finalised, including payment of any associated fees.

In the event that the program is oversubscribed, a list of subsequent applications will be maintained in the order of the date on which they were received, and any places which may subsequently become available will be offered to applicants in the order of application.

The cost of the program is as advertised for the program year.

The program is open to students enrolled in Years 7 through 11 at SMGS.  Applicants from younger students may be considered on a case-by-case basis. The decision of the school with regard to the admission of younger applicants in the program is final.

The payment of the balance of the program will be due during the second half of Term 2 of the program year.

The full program fee and all other due fees and charges for the participant and their siblings must be paid in full, prior to participation in the program. Participants with outstanding accounts will be temporarily suspended from participation.

Outstanding accounts will be collected in accordance with the school’s credit policy which is available on the school’s website.

Participants who are permanent students at SMGS must wear full school uniform at all times in accordance with the Uniform Guide.