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Event Schedule:

  • Wednesday 26th July – All Snowboard GS, All Snowboard Cross, Division 1/2/3 Moguls
  • Thursday 27th July – Division 1/2/3 Skier X, Division 4/5/6 Alpine GS, Division 4/5 Moguls
  • Friday 28th July – Division 1/2/3 Alpine, Division 4/5/6 Ski Cross

The full schedule can also be accessed from the NSW Interschools webpage:

ACT and Southern NSW Interschools Schedule

* Please check the schedule regularly as it is subject to change.

Start Lists:

Full start lists for the event can be downloaded from the NSW Interschools website:

NSW Interschools Start Lists

Bib Collection:

Bib collection will be from 7:30am on the day of competition at one of two base camps – depending on the location of the race course.

  • Race Courses on Perisher Front Valley and Centre Valley – Bib Collection in the Perisher Centre outside Jax Night Club from 7:30am. If bibs are not collected by 9:30am they will be taken to the top of the course.
  • Race Courses at Blue Cow or Guthega – Bib Collection in the Blue Cow Bistro from 7:30am. If bibs are not collected by 8:15am they will be taken to the top of the course.


Presentations will take place on each day of competition at 4pm in the Pub at Perisher Front Valley. All students are encouraged to attend these presentations and must be in their SMGS Snowsports Jacket.


Please ensure you have completed an Interschools Participant Waiver for your children at the following address:

NSW Interschools Participant Waiver

The school also welcomes volunteers to assist with course duties at Interschools. Please complete the following waiver if you are able to assist the school in this capacity. Information will be sent next week in relation to where and when these duties will be.

NSW Interschools Volunteer Waiver

Sick or Injured:

If your child is sick or injured in the days leading up to the event or on the day of their event, please contact me by email at tim.bland@smgs.nsw.edu.au. If your child has a medical certificate for their injury, we may be able to change the structure of teams before the event.


If you have any further questions or concerns please email myself at tim.bland@smgs.nsw.edu.au.

If you have any news or photos from the event, please send them to news@smgs.nsw.edu.au.