All students are encouraged to work to their own personal best in all learning situations.


Snowy Mountains Grammar School’s enrichment program has been designed to enhance, enrich and supplement the existing individualised extension work provided within the regular classroom curriculum.  We recognise that all students possess strengths in a variety of areas and therefore aim to provide enrichment activities outside of the mainstream curriculum to challenge thinking skills, develop creativity, and provide opportunities to enhance collaborative problem-solving skills.  The diversity of activities offered encompasses opportunities for both individual and group participation, external and internal activities, across different curriculum areas, as well as competitive and non-competitive events. While classroom teachers select participants for competitive activities, all students are able to participate in the non-competitive activities (provided they meet the age requirement). Some of the activities that appear on the SMGS enrichment calendar are:

  • Have Sum Fun Online (HSFOL) Mathematics competition

  • Kidpreneur (Terms 1 & 4)
  • Da Vinci Decathlon

  • Personal Passion Project (PPP)
  • Write a Book In a Day

  • ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools)

Educational Support

Snowy Mountains Grammar School recognises that all children possess specific strengths and weaknesses within their learning profile. We adopt a proactive approach towards identifying areas where individuals may require additional assistance and implement programs to foster the attainment of academic potential and to nurture the development of a positive sense of self-efficacy amongst our young learners.  In order to assist in enhancing literacy and numeracy skills, we offer the following programs to identified students in individual, group and in-class support environments:

  • Reading intervention programs:

Macquarie University’s MultiLit reading intervention programs, incorporating Reading Tutor Program (RTP), MacqLit and MiniLit.


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<h2>Melissa Bell</h2>

Melissa Bell

Enrichment and Learning Support

Mrs Bell teaches Maths and Science at Snowy Mountains Grammar School. She holds a Bachelor of Science, and a Master of Education and a Graduate Certificate in Special Needs Education from Griffith University.