All students are encouraged to work to their own personal best in all learning situations.

In a smaller school, we are better able to ensure that all students are catered to in their learning needs, whether this be additional remedial support or learning extension to further challenge students. There are multiple strategies to use to ensure students receive the personalised support, including in-class support and instruction, separate small group instruction, extension tasks and general differentiated learning and assessment.

SMGS has an enrichment and learning support teacher who can further guide students’ learning needs building on the classroom teacher’s approach. In some instances, we recommend further specialist diagnostic assessment and our teachers can offer personalised advice in this area where relevant.

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<h2>Emma Smith</h2>

Emma Smith

Enrichment and Learning Support

Emma is an experienced and dedicated member of the SMGS team. She is passionate about helping students achieve the best they can, with a personalised approach for each child.