Self-esteem cannot be taught theoretically, it must be experienced and lived to develop authentically through personal achievement.

Active participation is not only the host for building self-worth, but it also importantly builds resilience too. Research repeatedly shows these are critical skills to develop at an early age as they take many years to evolve.

As a smaller school with fewer students than larger schools, every child in the Junior School is well-known and cared for by every member of staff. Our students receive many more opportunities to get involved in activities and events, are recognised and awarded more often for their efforts and achievements and are encouraged to ‘give things a go’, every day.

Our teaching staff are dedicated and attuned to ensure that our students feel safe, happy and fulfilled in their day-to-day learning experience.

At Snowy Mountains Grammar School, we provide opportunities and experiences for students to increase knowledge, awareness and skills.

These include:

  • Personal Development and Health syllabus curriculum studies
  • Values and Religious Education
  • Orientation Programs with Buddies for new students
  • Let’s Explore (new Kindergarten 6-week transition program)
  • Visiting Programs,  such as Healthy Harold
  • Junior School Captains’ Leadership Program (rotating Year 6 students)
  • Public Speaking – beginning with ‘class news’ through to school representation
  • Music – with private lessons through to performing to whole school audiences
  • Choir – regular opportunities to join the Junior School Choir and perform
  • Sport – specialist PE lessons from Kindergarten to Year 6, overnight outdoor education camps from Year 3, formal weekly sports program from Year 5, snowsports programs from Kindergarten, co-curricular program in equestrian, swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals
  • Chess – join the lunchtime chess club
  • Student of the Week – various endeavour, effort and application awards.
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