The award-winning Academies of Excellence are back for Term 4. Students are currently in the process of submitting their academy preferences, with staff looking forward to leading another term of innovation and creativity.

The academies rostered for Term 4 are:

School of Drama
Mrs Batson

Scriptwriting, directing and/or performing a piece of black comedy. Black comedy mocks serious topics, it positions an audience to laugh at something they’re not really allowed to laugh at. It can show us the errors and misjudgements that lead to our downfalls and give us an opportunity to laugh at (rather than bemoan) the silliness of human existence.

School of Aviation
Mr Ryrie

NOTE: Students will be required to purchase the required materials for this program

3 courses offered:

Course 1: RA-Aus Pilot Certificate

Course 2: RA-Aus Cross-Country and Passenger-Carrying Endorsements

Course 3: RePL (Remote Pilot’s Licence – quadcopter drone) – New this Term! To read about addition of the RePL to the Aviation School, please click here.

All are commercial courses with commercial qualifications.  Learning activities include teacher-led tutorials, simulation exercises, guided private study and some flying exercises.

School of Agriculture
Mrs Oakman

This academy offers an exciting opportunity for students to be involved in setting up and maintaining an agricultural plot on school grounds, establishing a poultry shed and learning about poultry care and maintenance. This academy will be student led, with students making decisions about which plants to grow and how they can best be developed and marketed. Students will also be responsible for construction and maintenance of some of the required infrastructure. The Agriculture Academy gives students the opportunity to work together to use scientific investigation and experimental design in relation to plant and animal growth and development. It is a practical academy that will involve a majority of time spent outside working on the land. There is scope for the student-grown produce to be entered into local shows and markets and the possibility of visiting local farming enterprises such as the Trout Hatchery, local free-range chicken farms, goat farms, truffle farm, grazing properties, etc.

School of Student Journalism
Mr Ross

NOTE: Numbers are capped for this academy

The aim of the Academy of Student Journalism is to publish a student magazine on a regular basis. The academy will suit those interested in capturing and showcasing life as a student and as a young person living in Jindabyne. The work undertaken in the academy during Term 4 will involve building upon the concept that began with the first edition of the magazine.

The academy will suit proactive students with both an interest and a desire to write, edit and capture digital records of the world around them. The magazine will be published using a digital platform similar to the school’s Aspects newsletter and include original content such as student writing, photography and video.

School of Design & Technology
Mr O’Connor

Within the Academy of Design & Technology, each student will design and construct a project.

School of Music Performance
Mrs Sell

The Academy of Music Performance will focus on performance repertoire and improving skills. There will be weekly opportunities to perform in the school community and in the wider community. Students should come to the academy with two prepared pieces of music ready to be refined and prepared for performance. Students will learn how to discuss and share feedback and to use this in their own performances. They will also have the opportunity to learn how to put PA equipment together.  In addition, there will be guest musicians to offer assistance and feedback.

School of Visual Arts
Mrs Witherdin
NOTE: Numbers are capped for this academy

During Term 4 students will explore the processes associated with the development of a personal body of work (multiple artworks). The body of work will be based on one of the traditional genres of the visual arts. Students will have the option to work in any form or media that we can accommodate. The focus of the term will be in learning the process associated with developing, planning and executing a body of work, similar to the requirements of the HSC. The term will focus solely on this project, requiring students to reflect and build upon their initial ideas throughout the process.  Students will be required to create a body of work that represents a specific conceptual idea from the following:

  • Genre
  • Portraiture
  • The landscape
  • Still-life objects
  • Political and social ideas.

Due to the high demand for the course, acceptance into the School of Visual Arts will be determined through the compulsory submission of an art folio of 4 artworks. This is to allow students in Years 7-10, who have a passion for art and want to further develop their knowledge and skills in a more sophisticated form, to have the opportunity to extend their abilities. The folio needs to be submitted to Mrs Witherdin prior to Term 4. This can take the form of hard copies or photos via email.

School of Code
Mr Moore

Learn to build real-world software using the Microsoft.Net Core Framework and Azure Cloud Cognitive Services. Explore facial and voice recognition, text-to-speech and machine-learning to develop basic artificial intelligence concepts.

School of Food Creation
Mrs Plum

The Academy of Food Creation will enable students to gain new experiences and appreciate food as both a form of artistic expression and a science. Students will be challenged to work with an ingredient they may not be familiar with, to try an unusual preparation or cooking technique, or to change the form in which food is traditionally presented. Students will develop inspirational ideas that require research and experimentation to bring them to fruition. During the course of the Academy of Food Creation, students will be given “mystery” box activities to help foster creativity and it is anticipated that guest presenters will facilitate and inspire the creation of delectable cuisine.

School of Early Childhood
Ms Smith

NOTE: This academy is unable to accept new students this term

This year the academy will look at children aged birth to five years in the early childhood setting. Along with theory being studied in class, students will engage in hands-on practical experience at a local early childhood service.

Students will also be building their own resource file full of activities that can be used with children on work experience or for starting babysitting outside of school. The academy will provide students with basic information on child development and caring for infants and children.

School of Textiles and Design
Mrs Mower 

Students are able to design and complete a project of their choosing in textiles.

School of Creative Writing
Mr Bland 

Students who participate in this academy will focus on developing a major work. This work can take the form of a short story, script, poetry, speech or picture book. The central ideas of this academy hinge around creativity and writing.