The 2021 School Year is fast approaching. 

If you are considering SMGS for your child in 2021 and beyond, we encourage you to book a tour to learn more and experience our vibrant learning environment first hand. 

Choosing a school for your child is an important life decision for the child and whole family. How do you make such a decision with confidence?

We encourage prospective and even existing parents to consider the people, the programs and the physical places within a school environment, in that order of importance. Each of these has elements that demonstrate how a school functions, right through to the tone, practices, behaviours and, of course, culture. The best way to view these elements (where you are able to do so) is to visit for yourself, walk around while students and staff are active in their school learning and working, also at informal times on and off campus, and to ask questions of those parents, students or staff within the school. Social media, the school’s website and other publications also provide insight in looking beyond the immediate and obvious, and will be useful, particularly during the COVID-19 period.

We have a number of upcoming events that you may be interested in. Please mark these dates down in your calendar and check back soon to register. 

Let’s Explore – SMGS Kindergarten Transition Program

On campus sessions – 28th October 2020 – 11th November 2020 (4 Wednesdays)

Virtual Program – Registrations are open year round

To Learn more and to register, head to:

Year 7 2021 Virtual Information Evening

Wednesday 11 November at 6:00 pm

Registrations opening soon

Virtual Open Day

Date and time TBC

Registrations opening soon

ACER Scholarship Examination – For 2022 Enrolment

Date and time TBC

Registrations opening soon 

Scholarships for 2022 Enrolment

Opening Soon