On Friday 31 August, the SMGS Kindergarten class of 2020 reached a significant milestone in their learning journey – their first 100 days of school!  

Students participated in the following activities: reading “I’ll teach my dog 100 words” to start the day,  creating “100th-day crowns”, doing a “100 drops of water prediction” activity, making a “100 balloon” craft activity to display in their room, completing a “100 days writing” activity and timing themselves with stopwatches to see how many ‘certain things’ they could do in 100 seconds.   


Of this significant milestone, SMGS Kindergarten teacher, Rosheen Nikora, said, “The Kindergarten students should be proud of their commitment to learning for their first 100 days of school. They enter the classroom each day, ready to learn, with big smiles on their faces, eagerly anticipating the new challenges that will be set before them.”  

SMGS Director of Junior School, Heidi Shvetsoff, said, “We congratulate Kindergarten for recently celebrating their first 100 days of school! What an incredible time to be experiencing their very first year of school life. Students have reached individual milestones in their learning and have demonstrated enthusiasm and excitement in all that they do!”  

Kindergarten is one of the most important years of schooling. It is the year that students decide how they see themself as a learner. Further development in their language, self-regulation and socialisation occurs in this critical year. To enable optimum opportunity to support this development, the school and classroom environments are vital elements. The classroom needs to offer the right amount of nurture, encouragement and teacher expectation to promote student learning success and blossoming independence. SMGS looks forward to sharing our experience in this field during our Kindergarten 2021 Information Webinar on Wednesday 6 September at 6pm. Further information and details on registration will be available soon.