On Thursday 23 June, the Junior School held their annual Cultural Day. This year’s focus was on the continent Asia. day was packed full of great events. Students spent the morning circulating through “stations” made up from the countries, Japan, India, China and Vietnam.

Some of the activities for each country included, sushi making and panda bear masks at the Japan station, blocks for the “Great Friendship Wall of China” at the China station, collage and paddle pop stick boat-making at the Vietnam station, as well as creating good luck elephant mobiles at the India station.

When asked what the best stations were, the students all agreed that the sushi from the Japan station and the butter chicken from the India station were the greatest parts.

Director of Junior school Scott Frize emphasised the importance of Cultural Day in the school’s curriculum stating “Cultural Day is one of several important events that we hold each year, providing students with a fun engaging approach to raising cultural and global awareness, it is important to ensure that the experiences make for authentic learning.

Each year we focus on a chosen continent and choose countries from within to explore on the day. This year we looked at Asia. It is hoped that over the course of a student’s time in the Junior School they will have had opportunities to ‘visit’ the continents of the world”.

We can’t wait to see what part of the world SMGS Junior school heads to next year