Mother’s Day Stall – FRIDAY 11TH MAY

On Friday 11 May members of the Parents and Friends Association (P&F) have kindly offered their time to run a Mother’s Day Stall for our school community. They have already purchased suitable gifts for students to buy at the stall, and will even wrap them, so they are ready for Mum on Sunday. Gifts are priced between $5 – $10. On Friday, students will have the opportunity to purchase gifts at the following times: 

K/1 at 12:10pm                  Yr2/3 at 12:30pm                     Yr 4/5/6 at 12.50pm 

Years 7-12 will have the option of buying gifts at lunch time (1.05pm), though there will be limited supplies and will be sold on a ‘first in best dressed’ basis for secondary students. Junior students will all be guaranteed a gift available to purchase.

Students in K-6 can bring the appropriate amount of money (cash) in an envelope clearly marked with:

Student’s name                 Year level                                    $ amount

The classroom teacher will safely store the money and hand it back to students as they arrive at the stall on Friday. Envelopes can be brought in anytime this week for safe keeping. Teachers will assist students to place items in their bag to bring home on Friday afternoon, and from that point it is over to dads and kids! 

If you have any queries please contact Mr Scott Frize (Head of Junior School), or Mrs Kelli Wilson (Head of Senior School) at the School on (02) 6457 1022. 

Yours sincerely,

Scott Frize, Head of Junior School

(Original notice sent out to the entire school community via SchoolPro on Friday, 4th May 2018)