SMGS have kicked off the the school snowsports racing season with style in Perisher today at the Knox/Pymble race. Snow started to fall early this morning and continued steadily throughout the day. Although challenged with some soft conditions and difficult visibility, our skiers and riders had some fantastic results.

“It was great to get out there and put a really good time down. I was really happy with my efforts today”, said Georgia Crisp who picked up 1st place in division 1.

Podium Results

Div 1 Boarder GS – Georgia Crisp 1st Place
Div 2 Boarder GS – Tamara Cowley 3rd Place
Div 3 Boarder GS – Jess Dickson 1st Place
Div 3 Boarder GS – Mia Chawner 2nd Place
Div 3 Boarder GS – Finn Sadler 1st Place
Div 3 Alpine – Finn Sadler 1st Place
Div 3 Alpine – Jesse Quinn 2nd Place

A big congratulations to all of our students who competed today. We had a number of new students on course which was great to see. SMGS has hit the 2016 snowsports season running and we look forward to continuing our success throughout the season.