Scholarships and Bursaries for 2023 Enrolment are now Open!


Snowy Mountains Grammar School offers a limited number of Scholarships in the Middle and Senior School each year to students commencing in Years 7 to 11. Scholarships are typically offered for the duration of a student’s remaining years at Snowy Mountains Grammar School until completion of Year 12, subject to periodic review based on behaviour, general application and continuation of the selected area of meritorious performance. These Scholarships range from Academic Excellence, Science and Innovation, the Arts, Citizenship and General Excellence.


SMGS also considers and provides for a limited number of bursaries for families who otherwise could not attend the School. These are means-tested and reflect the circumstances of the individual family situation involving financial hardship. 

To learn more about the available Scholarships and Bursaries, application timelines, submission details and applications process, head to: