The next exciting event on the SMGS enrichment calendar is the ‘Write a Book in a Day’ competition.  This competition involves teams of between five and ten students who must write, illustrate and word process a children’s book in a twelve-hour period.  All books are given to children’s hospitals throughout Australia and competition entry fees to support children’s cancer research.

This competition will be held at SMGS on Wednesday 27th June.  SMGS will enter a primary (Years 5-6), a lower secondary (Years 7-9) and an upper secondary team (Years 10-12).

Kids’ Cancer Project Fundraiser 

On Wednesday, 20th June 2018, SMGS Write a Book in a Day students held a cupcake and hot chocolate stall to fundraise for The Kids’ Cancer Project.

The baked goods and hot chocolate were a welcomed treat on a crisp morning in the Snowy Mountains!

Well done to all our students on their efforts to support the Kids’ Cancer Project.