SMGS Immersive Virtual Kindergarten Transition Program was recently featured in The Educator Online. 

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With consideration of the current regulations regarding running Kindergarten transition programs in NSW, we re-imagined Let’s Explore, SMGS’ Kindergarten transition program for 2020.

Built around a collective desire to find a way to provide our future learners with an educational, meaningful and memorable transition program despite the current climate around COVID-19, a team of SMGS leadership, teaching and administration staff collaborated to create this year’s innovative Let’s Explore program.

The program will be delivered via our innovative hybrid model which includes the following elements:

  • Three virtual and four physical sessions on campus
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Kindergarten experiences – each explorer will have the opportunity to experience a literacy and numeracy lesson, our specialist classes (art, music, STEM, German, gross motor skills), story time, and so much more, using immersive 360 degree virtual reality video.
  • Video instructions for each of the three Let’s Explore sessions
  • Hands-on tasks delivered by post to each explorer
  • Interaction with SMGS Kindergarten teacher, Ms Rosheen Nikora, via SeeSaw
  • The opportunity for parents to meet with Ms Nikora over Zoom to discuss your child’s school readiness.

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Let’s Explore Kindergarten Transition