This Friday 3 April, we will be holding a virtual Kindergarten to Year 12 Easter Hat Challenge.

The rules:

1. Must be Handmade. (You may add to another hat you have (ie, cap/ sombrero/ top hat).
2. It must fit and stay on your head (no hands) for the photo.
3. One hat per person.
4. DO NOT rush out and purchase. Be creative. Use what’s in the cupboard.

Prizes and certificates will be awarded in the following categories:

❤️The True Meaning of Easter
🐰Simple, Sweet and Sparkly
♻️Upcycle/ Recycle Pizzaz
🥳Family Fun

The judges are Mr Bell, Ms Shvetsoff, Mrs Wilson plus one mystery judge.

Send a photo by of your completed at to

All submissions must be received by 11:00 am on Friday 3 April.

Happy creating!