Boarding House Supervisor

Snowy Mountains Grammar School is seeking a committed, dynamic, caring and enthusiastic boarding staff member who is passionate and experienced in working with young men and women in a residential environment. 

Nestled in the foothills of Australia’s pristine alpine mountain region and located on the shore of the beautiful Lake Jindabyne, only a short drive from the Alpine resorts of Thredbo and Perisher, Snowy Mountains Grammar School is truly unique.

A Boarding Supervisor is responsible for working individually and with groups of students and is responsible directly to the Head of Boarding. The successful applicant has the opportunity to work across both girls’ and boys’ boarding, focusing on Junior Boarding (Years 7- 9).

Position Details

Award: 2017 Independence Schools NSW SAO MEA
Salary: Dependent on experience and qualifications and in accordance with the 2017 Independence Schools NSW SAO MEA
Term: 18 hours each week during school term time. Friday afternoon through to Saturday evening commencing Friday, 12th March 2021
Closing Date: Applications have now closed

The school attracts students from across NSW and Victoria and has a weekend program that incorporates the Snowy Mountains in both summer and winter. Activities include mountain biking and snowsports.

Our motto is CHALLENGE BELONG EXPLORE because we believe it is important that all members of our school community feel that they belong, are challenged to achieve beyond their personal best, and encouraged to explore a diverse range of opportunities as life-long learners. We are a school that is committed to working with families to develop well-rounded young people who model traditional biblical Christian values and contribute as outstanding citizens.

In addition to its diverse academic program, the School provides an extensive co-curricular program that includes Mountain Biking, Equestrian, Snowsports and Aviation. Snowy Mountains Grammar School has also been recognised for its innovative approach to education, receiving The Educator Magazine’s Innovative Schools award (2016, 2017 & 2020) and has been named as a recipient of a National Award in Education (Boarding) in 2018 as well as being a finalist in other categories.


A boarding supervisor is a member of a team appointed to act in a pastoral and supervisory role of students in a residential situation. The team is a group with a high degree of interdependence geared towards the achievement of the goal of caring for those in their charge. The quality of care will be enhanced when supervisors have a high degree of confidence and trust in each other; are highly motivated to abide by the values of the School; and, at all times, will do what he or she reasonably can to help create an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding and respect.

Salary range is dependent on experience and qualifications and is in accordance with the 2017 Independence Schools NSW SAO MEA. Applicants should include a curriculum vitae, containing the contact details of three referees (one of whom should be the person’s most recent employer) and a statement outlining the applicant’s experience and philosophy of working in boarding.

All applicants must be supportive to the ethos of coeducational independent schools and provide a current Working with Children Check clearance. Child protection legislation requires preferred applicants to be subject to employment screening.


The duties and responsibilities of the Boarding Supervisor include:

  • Implement the School philosophy with respect to staff, parents and residents.
  • Exercise a Duty of Care for students in their care. This would include attending to a student’s social, physical, psychological, medical and personal needs.
  • Supervise students whilst in the residence, during study, meals and other duties.
  • Be accountable to the Head of Boarding when rostered on duty.
  • Be professional in exercising duties. All staff will abide by the SMGS Staff code of conduct.
  • Work with the Director of Wellbeing and Head of Boarding in following guidelines for the boarding house residence as outlined in the SMGS Boarding Handbook.
  • Fill out necessary forms and complete appropriate documentation as required- e.g. Residence Diary.
  • Fulfil duties in relation to the Boarding Community as timetabled (e.g. study supervision, yard supervision, transporting of students, dining room, sports etc.)
  • Complete overnight duty as directed by the Head of Boarding.
  • Other relevant tasks as determined by the School Principal and/or Head of Boarding.

Sample Day Roster

Weekday Mornings:

  • Ensure everyone is out of bed at the correct time.
  • Ensure the cleanup group is in the dining room, supervise clean-up as necessary, and leave the dining room and residence neat, clean and orderly.
  • Monitor the students in the Boarding House. Ensure students are ready for school on time.
  • Organise daily student personal needs; medication, sick bay students, appointments etc.
  • Check that the correct full uniform is worn by all residents for the day.
  • Close and lock the residence at the designated time.
  • Send details to Reception of sick or absent students.

Weekdays after school:

  • Open Residence.
  • “Roving” Duty around grounds / in house and common areas as appropriate.
  • Monitor the residence including follow up on routine behavioral matters and attending to student needs.
  • Sign in/ sign out procedures for Boarding students. Town leave. Sport leave.
  • Supervise night study (prep).
  • Supervise bedtime – monitor and ensure late study as required.
  • Liaise with day school staff regarding Boarding student’s assessment tasks.


  • Ensure everyone is out of bed at the appropriate time. (Dependent on activity)
  • Organise and supervise activities to build community and to fulfill the needs of residents over the weekend.
  • Supervise Winter activities.
  • Assist with Friday bus service for weekly boarders.
  • Organise clean-up as appropriate for Saturday or Sunday.
  • Supervise study sessions and all periods of free time between set activities.
  • Supervise the evening routine.

Dining Supervision:

  • Be in the dining room prior to student meal times
  • Ensure students enter in an orderly manner and take a seat quickly.
  • Give general notices before food is taken.
  • Select tables of students to line up at servery
  • Supervise portions taken by students
  • Supervise cleaning and stacking of plates & ensure cutlery does not go into bin
  • Ensure students wipe their tables before leaving.
  • Ensure students leave dining room when meal complete.
  • Take roll and ensure all students in residence have dinner (or a meal kept).

Study (prep) supervision:

Study supervision commences at 6:30pm.

  • Ensure students leaving the dining room quickly collect their study materials and head straight to study area.
  • When students have all moved on to study, go to allocated study area.
  • Ensure students are seated at desks and re-allocate based on behavior / optimal study performance.
  • Set the best environment for learning/study to occur.
  • Senior residential staff will allocate study supervision roles based on the requirements of the day.
  • All supervisors take the lead role in establishing a positive working environment.
  • Specific study supervisors will take the lead role in study assistance.

Need more information?

If you would like more information about this opportunity or would like to discuss further, please contact:

Mrs Julie Wright
Head of Boarding

P: (02) 6457 1022

Applications should be submitted online using the Apply Now link at the top of this page.