Executive Role – Director of Corporate Services

Snowy Mountains Grammar School is seeking a highly motivated and dynamic Director of Corporate Services to join our Executive Team in 2019.

Nestled in the foothills of Australia’s pristine alpine mountain region and located on the shore of the beautiful Lake Jindabyne, only a short drive from the Alpine resorts of Thredbo and Perisher, Snowy Mountains Grammar School is truly unique.

The Director of Corporate Services leads a team of corporate, non-teaching staff while overseeing administrative services, including; school grounds, IT, marketing, HR and physical resources while working closely with the business office and academic teaching staff to enable excellence in education to be delivered to our students.

Our motto is CHALLENGE BELONG EXPLORE because we believe it is important that all members of our school community feel that they belong, are challenged to achieve beyond their personal best, and encouraged to explore a diverse range of opportunities as life-long learners. We are a school that is committed to working with families to develop well-rounded young people who model traditional biblical Christian values and contribute as outstanding citizens.

In addition to its diverse academic program, the School provides an extensive co-curricular program that includes Mountain Biking, Equestrian, Snowsports and Aviation. Snowy Mountains Grammar School has also been recognised for its innovative approach to education, receiving The Educator Magazine’s Innovative Schools award two years running (2016 & 2017) and has been named as a recipient of a National Award in Education (Boarding) in 2018 as well as being a finalist in other categories.

Position Details

Award: Not Applicable
Salary: Salary and superannuation will be provided to shortlisted applicants which will be commensurate with the responsibilities of the role
Term: Full-Time, commencing January-March 2019 by negotiation
Closing Date: Applications have now closed

Application Details

  • A covering letter stating your suitability for the position
  • A Curriculum Vitae including previous employment details, experience, qualifications and the names of three professional referees including current employer (referees will not be contacted until an advanced stage and only after confirming with the applicant)
  • A section to address the selection criteria (see bottom of page for details – points 1 to 5) (not to exceed 4 pages in total for this section)


This senior leadership role is pivotal to the School’s functionality, ensuring educational delivery is fully supported by excellent corporate services and the development of physical facilities.

The Director of Corporate Services (DOCS) is a member of the School Executive and reports directly to the Principal for all matters that pertain to the operation and administration of corporate services within the School. The DOCS works closely with other members of the School Executive to continuously develop and improve the strategic, administrative and operational practices of the school.

The DOCS has direct operational responsibilities in:

  • Human resources (including recruitment and onboarding)
  • External contractor management
  • External liaison with legal advisers
  • Commercial leadership (including developing business plans)
  • Risk management
  • Compliance and policy procedures
  • Project management
  • Sourcing funding opportunities
  • Events management.

The role includes areas of leadership oversight that involve working closely with other corporate staff, including building and grounds, IT, office administration, enrolments, catering-canteen, cleaning, and finance.

The DOCS attends Board of Directors meetings as the Company Secretary and reports on matters relevant to the role for corporate services. As the Company Secretary, the DOCS provides secretariat functions to the Board at the direction of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Principal, provides governance support and ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements. The DOCS also attends the Board sub-committees of Physical Resources Group (PRG) and Finance. (The Finance Manager reports to the Finance Committee of the Board).

Personal and Professional Characteristics

The DOCS role requires a dynamic, solution-oriented, innovative and committed professional who will be a strong contributor to the senior leadership team. The ability to problem solve, think laterally and derive high-quality solutions is imperative. Strong financial acumen is also essential.

There is also a high reliance on personal-professional attributes that include respect, honesty, integrity, confidentiality, credibility, empathy and authenticity.

As a senior leader, the DOCS requires a high degree of emotional intelligence to capably lead and manage a dedicated team of corporate staff and to work effectively with teaching and support staff. The ability to quickly build a strong rapport and to develop productive relationships is essential.

It is expected that the DOCS will conduct their work in accordance with the Core Values of the School while further promoting the Mission and Vision statements and earning a reputation as a highly respected member of the Executive team and a role model, both within the School and across the broader local community.


The key responsibilities for this role include:

1 – General Leadership, Human Resources and Recruitment

  • Lead cultural practice with corporate staff, ensuring that all team members are operating in a professional and personable manner, providing support and creating opportunities for professional growth where suitable
  • Chair periodic meetings with corporate staff to ensure organisational effectiveness and efficiency and build a positive team culture that is harmonious and supports effective working relationships
  • Provide opportunities for regular formal and informal lines of communication for all team members to support professional practice
  • Maintain currency of awareness with all relevant Employee Relations and Industrial Relations Awards and legislative requirements for employment including (but not limited to) Independent Schools Multi-Enterprise Award, Independent Schools Multi-Enterprise Non-Teaching Award and National Employment Standards
  • Lead recruitment processes and assist the Principal in the appointment of prospective staff by:
    • Diligently monitoring resourcing requirements of staff, including departures and all leave situations, to ensure appropriate staffing at all times
    • Assist the Principal and Executive staff in the recruitment and appointment processes of all staff (i.e. advertising, letters of offer, contracts and related documentation)
    • Lead robust interview and selection processes for administrative and support staff and recommend appointments to the Principal
    • Oversee communication to prospective applicants throughout the process and enable effective induction of new staff
    • Maintain all staff employment records (the Principal maintains staff disciplinary records)
    • Oversee professional development of administrative and support staff
    • Work with the Principal to regularly review the performance of administrative and support staff
    • Keep the Principal informed of all significant employment needs and matters and lead industrial matters as required
  • Manage all Workers Compensation and other HR related insurance matters
  • Provide assistance to the Principal regarding industrial awards and enterprise bargaining agreement negotiations

2 – Business, Finance and Commercial Development and Support

  • Lead the establishment of a quality Business Plan for the School in conjunction with the Principal, Finance Manager and Board to support planning of infrastructure and strategy
  • Prepare business and financial cases for new initiatives, including reports to the Principal and Board with sound financial data from the Finance Manager
  • Work with the Principal and Board to create and operationalise a Master Plan to support the physical resource development of the School
  • Work closely with the relevant corporate staff, including Finance Manager, Academic Executive, Principal and PRG Board sub-committee, to determine and oversee a suitable annual capital works budget to achieve the strategic goals of the School
  • Project manage as required in the corporate services area to deliver projects on time, on budget and to a high standard of completion, including supporting any externally appointed project managers for major capital works programs
  • Support the Finance Department by:
    • Working closely with the Finance Manager to liaise with banking and lending institutions with regards to existing and future loans, equity requirements and repayments
    • Oversee internal compliance with financial and banking policy and procedure in accordance with Board delegations and regulatory requirements
    • Assist the Finance Department, where appropriate, in the process of debt collection
  • Oversee all census submissions ensuring accuracy for student enrolments
  • Regularly search for funding opportunities across a range of dimensions (i.e.: capital works, educational delivery, professional development of staff) and execute processes to secure suitable funding
  • Prepare all applications for Capital funding
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of funding level factors to enable the school to maintain the best funding levels available through Federal, State and capital grants programs and work closely with the Finance Manager to model and implement final funding solutions
  • Complete and submit financial reconciliations required by funding authorities for all capital expenditure as required
  • Maintain financial reconciliation of all targeted funding and provide reconciliation and certification documentation to Grants authorities as required
  • Establish and maintain an asset register of all equipment, buildings and property improvement
  • Oversee the Boarding House/Canteen catering contractor to ensure all facets of the contract are met to a high standard, including annual and regular LGA health inspections and compliance
  • Oversee staffing, stocking and operation of uniform shop, stock control, stock-take, facilities, administration, invoicing, price setting and financial operation

3 – Services, Grounds and Physical Resources

  • Be responsible for negotiation of all contract services relating to facilities, including (but not limited to) energy supplier and contracts, mechanical, cleaning, fire and emergency services, waste disposal, pest, HVAC (heating ventilation and cooling) and management of onsite contractors and engage legal support where necessary
  • Oversee Building and Grounds works to ensure high quality and timely presentation of the physical resources and environment
  • In consultation with the Principal and PRG (Board committee), lead the development of new building and grounds projects
  • Oversee Library services and purchases to ensure a well-resourced and high functioning centre of learning is provided to academic staff and students

4 – IT

  • Oversee IT operations in line with the Principal’s approved prioritised parameters, and meet regularly with the IT Manager to support implementation
  • Participate in the formation of IT Strategy
  • Ensure escalation of any issues affecting the smooth implementation of strategic IT decisions taken by the Board
  • Maintain reconciliation records and submit certification for all IT related capital funding
  • Oversee IT asset and on-cost management through structured refresh cycle and associated register (i.e. refreshment of staff devices, hardware)

5 – Marketing and Publications

  • Oversee the Marketing and Publications Officer role within the Principal’s approved prioritised parameters, ensuring effective marketing strategies are employed in a timely manner and on budget
  • Support the Marketing and Publications Officer to develop creative and effective marketing for the School
  • Oversee quality control processes and final presentation of all editing, illustrative and creative works for school publications in print, social media, radio and television promotion and communications including regular Newsletters, Blogs and website presentation

6 – Office, Administration, Policy Compliance and Risk Management

  • Manage risk processes within the school ensuring all risk assessments are carried out, approved and stored appropriately prior to any activity occurring
  • Lead the WHS committee (or support the Chair if delegated) to ensure compliance and work, health and safety matters are operational and effective and in line with legislation
  • Oversee all insurance matters including:
    • Engagement of insurance providers and policy coverage
    • Preparation of annual premium calculation questionnaire and management of annual renewal process (including review where necessary)
    • Lodgement and administration of all insurance claims
    • Management of Worker’s Compensation claims and Return-to-Work Coordination
  • Oversee WWCC compliance
  • Liaise with the Finance Manager, Registrar, Principal and Board to ensure critical documentation is reviewed and updated annually including Schedule of Fees, Terms and Conditions and Enrolment Terms and Conditions
  • Oversee Risk Management of staff/student/parent/volunteer/contractor activities; ensure processes are established and enacted with appropriate documentation recorded in a timely manner
  • Assume overall responsibility for school security and lock up procedures, emergency evacuation procedures, organising staff as required to practice and execute appropriate processes to optimise student/staff/visitor safety (i.e.: appoint roles, organise practises, evaluate and document)
  • Oversee and ensure Development Consent and Fire Safety Certification Compliance of all buildings and property uses
  • Lead, create, implement and manage school policies and processes relevant to NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registration and Accreditation, as well as other internal policies and procedures in conjunction with other Executive staff
  • Oversee the purchase, registration, road-worthiness, cleanliness and mechanical maintenance of all school vehicles
  • Oversee the purchasing of materials, equipment and services needed for the school

7 – Secretarial / Governance

  • Prepare appropriate reports for the Board and Sub Committees as required (i.e. compliance report, business plan, master plan)
  • Organise Directors’ and Members’ meetings in conjunction with the Board Chair
  • Ensure compliance of Board meetings with Memorandum and Articles of Association, Constitution and Board Charter and Board Policies
  • Create and circulate Agenda, Minutes and associated papers for Board and Committee meetings, in consultation with the Board Chairman and School Principal
  • Ensure all compliance and regulatory requirements are met, including:
    • Maintain Director and Member Registers
    • Maintain Annual Compliance Register for Directors and Officers as required by Education Act (Governance) NSW
    • Lodgement of Company’s annual return with ASIC and ACNC in accordance with the Corporations Act
    • Lodgement of Annual Report with NESA
    • Lodgement of Annual Financial Questionnaire with DEEWR
    • Work with the Finance Manager in preparation and adoption of Annual Financial Accounts with Auditor
    • Submitting annual and ad-hoc returns to regulatory authorities including but not limited to DEEWR, ASIC, ACNC and ABR
  • Act as and carry out the functions of the Company Public Officer and Company Secretary
  • Seal and document execution
  • Ensure the company’s accounting records are maintained in accordance with the Corporations Act (Cwlth) and Education Act (NSW)
  • Maintenance of all registers and records required for audit and regulatory purposes

8 – Miscellaneous

  • Remain current with relevant contemporary business/educational issues and foster professional networks within the education/business sector
  • Undertake professional learning in consultation with the Principal
  • Attend key Business/Finance/Chamber of Commerce meetings/groups to represent SMGS in the local community. As a member of the School Executive, demonstrate a presence at key events (including after hours) to support colleagues and students (i.e.: Student Exhibitions, Public Speaking, ANZAC Day & presentations)
  • Attend at least one Parents and Friends committee meeting each term and attend core Parents and Friends organised fundraiser activities
  • Meet periodically with the Principal 1:1 and inform the Principal of trends, developments and needs particularly in this portfolio
  • Support the traditional biblical Christian values and ethos of the School
  • Adhere to the SMGS Staff Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy and employment contract
  • Carry out any other additional duties as required by the Principal
  • Live and model the School values

Selection Criteria

(please use relevant examples where appropriate)

  1. Leadership of individuals and teams:
    Describe your approach to building strong organisational culture and performance for individuals and teams. Include any relevant HR experience.
  2. Proven strategic and operational leadership in a relevant profession:
    State how you have identified and met key objectives to improve specific outcomes through change management practices.
  3. Demonstrated business acumen:
    Detail the extent of your demonstrated capacity to effectively interpret and produce business-related reports to enhance organisational growth including, building the capacity of others less knowledgeable.
  4. A proven capacity to use and adapt to technology:
    Indicate the extent of your understanding and skills when using technology to create effective and efficient workflow in areas of responsibility related to this position description.
  5. Problem solving skills:
    Explain how you incorporate solving problems in your own work practices leading to improved organisational effectiveness for others.

Need more information?

If you would like more information about this opportunity or would like to discuss further, please contact:

Dr Andrew Bell

E: principal@smgs.nsw.edu.au
P: (02) 6457 1022