SMGS Principal - Andrew Bell

Dr Andrew Bell


With over twenty years of leadership experience in a several Independent Schools in curriculum, pastoral and administrative roles, Andrew is committed to leading exceptional learning opportunities to enable all children to fulfil their own personal potential in a range of abilities and interests at Snowy Mountains Grammar School. Andrew is passionate about our school meeting the needs of all students so they are well-prepared to thrive in a modern world and are positive contributors to society. As a life-long learner himself, Andrew is currently completing a Doctorate of Education researching the attributes and practices of expertise in the teaching profession.

Executive Staff

SMGS Head of Curriculum, Darryl Nelson

Darryl Nelson

Director of Curriculum and Operations, Head of Faculty – Science (Year 11 – 12)

After completing his PhD in Microbiology at Sydney University, Darryl completed post-doctoral positions in Victoria and in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK. Darryl has taught Science, Physics and Chemistry for 7 years and recently completed a Masters of Educational Leadership.

SMGS Head of Senior School, Kelli Wilson

Kelli Wilson

Director of Wellbeing

Since graduating from the Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Education, Kelli has been teaching children for over 25 years in both Mathematics and PDHPE. A career that includes being Director of Sport and Head of Winter School for our founding school Redlands.

SMGS Head of Junior School, Scott Frize

Scott Frize

Head of Junior School

Scott has over 15 years’ experience in education across the globe, including our founding school, Redlands. After moving to England to teach at the Warwick School, Scott returned to Australia to take on the role of Head of Boarding at SMGS. After almost 4 years in boarding, Scott moved into the Director of Junior School role which he holds to this day.

SMGS Martin Philpott

Martin Philpott

Director of Activities, Head of Faculty – Science (Year 7 – 10)

Martin is an experienced educator with a passion for the outdoors. He has a background in Science, Technology and Mathematics and for the last 15 years has been leading the diverse Outdoor Education programs and Winter School residential program in Jindabyne. Martin is passionate about creating a diverse range of educational opportunities to motivate all students to achieve.

Middle Leaders

SMGS Dean of Students, Sue Sell

Sue Sell

Dean of Students (Year 11 – 12)

Sue is an experienced leader at SMGS and is driving force behind our artistic endeavours, with a passion for music. She has been a teacher at SMGS for many years.

SMGS Dean of Students, Tim Bland

Tim Bland

Dean of Students (Year 7 – 10)

Tim has been teaching at SMGS for over three years across a variety of subjects, including English, English Extension, Legal Studies, History, PDHPE and Geography. Outside of the classroom. Tim previously worked as a ski instructor and coach in Australia, Japan and America, and spent several years as the Perisher private ski school supervisor.

SMGS Head of Faculty – Human Society & It's Environment, Susan Plum

Susan Plum

Head of Faculty – Human Society & It’s Environment

Following a period working as a solicitor, Susan retrained as a teacher. She completed a Masters of Teaching degree at the University of Sydney and taught at St Andrews Cathedral School and Blue Mountains Grammar School, before relocating to Jindabyne. Susan teaches Legal Studies, Business Studies, History, Geography and English.

SMGS Head of Faculty – Mathematics & Movement, Adam Lloyd

Adam Lloyd

Head of Faculty – Mathematics & Movement

Adam is passionate about learning and has taught for many years from primary through to the tertiary level. Prior to being awarded his PhD Adam completed a bachelor of Engineering (Hons 1) and Diploma in Education through the University of Newcastle and a Master of Education through the University of Melbourne. With a passion for mathematics and health behaviour, Adam likes to integrate physical activity into learning and everyday life.
Want to know more about Adam? Check out his other work here.

SMGS Head of Faculty – Creative Arts and Technology, Katie Witherdin

Katie Witherdin

Head of Faculty – Creative Arts and Technology

Katie majored in sculpture and printmaking at the University of Wollongong, graduating with a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Education Studies. She moved to Jindabyne to teach art at Snowy Mountains Grammar School in 2005. Katie is passionate about developing artistic passion in students, and helping them to connect with their education through creativity. Katie’s artwork can be found in galleries throughout the Snowy Monaro Region.

SMGS Head of Faculty – English, Languages & Drama, Adam Lloyd

Catherine Batson

Head of Faculty – English, Languages & Drama

Cath has been teaching English and Drama in high schools for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of NSW. Cath has been a teacher at SMGS for over 10 years, and is currently Head of English, Languages and Drama. She is passionate about inspiring creativity and self-expression in young people, and also runs a co-curricular drama school in primary schools across NSW.

SMGS Head of Boarding, Julie Wright

Julie Wright

Head of Boarding

Julie joined the SMGS Boarding staff in 2015, following 28 years as House Manager at The Kings School. As the Head of Boarding, she is passionate about creating a nurturing environment for boarding students, and providing them with support and guidance outside the classroom. Julie believes boarding can be an important and positive part of the child’s learning experience. She holds a number of qualifications in business, hospitality, and management.

SMGS IT Manager, Craig Moore

Craig Moore

IT Manager, School of Innovation

With a background in commercial software and technology, Craig is an expert in technology and innovation with over 18 years experience across all aspects of technology, including over 12 years of experience across various levels of education.

SMGS Head of Pastoral Care, Cathy Kroenert

Cathy Kroenert

School Counsellor

Cathy has a degree in Social Work from Sydney University and post-graduate qualification in Counselling. She has worked with young people as a counsellor for much of her career. Cathy works closely with the Wellbeing team at SMGS to develop a positive school culture, and promote personal growth and resilience in students. She counts it a privilege to walk beside students and their families, as they make their way through school.

Melissa Bell

Head of Learning Support

Melissa has been teaching for more than 20 years as both a mainstream classroom teacher and an educational support teacher across K-12 year levels.  She holds a Bachelor of Science, Master of Education and Graduate Certificate in Special Needs. Melissa is passionate about nurturing a strong sense of self-efficacy for all learners and committed to working with parents and teachers in order to foster a positive learning environment.

Annabel Elliot

Program Co-ordinator

Originally from the UK, Annabel spent 6 years travelling the globe as an equestrian and wintersports professional, before settling in Australia. She joined the SMGS staff as an ESA Program Supervisor, before moving into the Program Co-ordinator role in 2018. Annabel holds a Master of Arts (Hons) from St Andrews University, and a Master of Teaching (Secondary) from Victoria University.


Junior School

Tavia Taylor
– Kindergarten and Year 1

Marcia Elliott
– Year 2 and 3

Ashleigh Pratt
– Year 4 and 5

Scott Frize
(Head of Junior School)
– Year 6

Barbara Bradshaw
– Teacher’s Aide

Emma Smith 
– School of Early Childhood
-Learning Support (K-6)

Senior School

Chenelle Abdipranoto
– School of Sports Science
– Mathematics, PASS and Science

Catherine Batson 
Long Service Leave
(Head of Faculty – English, Languages and Drama and Head of Mowamba House)
– Drama and English

Melissa Bell
(Head of Learning Support (K-12))
– Maths, Science, Geography, Technology
– Enrichment Support (7-12)

Tim Bland
(Dean of Students (7-10) and Head of Twynam House)
– English, Drama and PDHPE

Anne Jones
Long Service Leave

– English

Adam Lloyd
(Head of Faculty – Mathematics and Movement)
– Mathematics and Skills

Craig Moore
– School of Innovation

Krista Mower
(Head of Cascades House)
– School of Equestrian Sports
– PDHPE, RE, Biology and Mathematics
– Learning Support 7-12 and MaqLit 7-10

Darryl Nelson
(Head of Curriculum, Head of Faculty – Science)
– Science, Physics and Chemistry

Amber Oakman
– Science

Ben O’Brian
– Geography and PDHPE

Rachel Pearce
– Design & Technology, Technology, Science, RE

Susan Plum
(Head of Faculty – HSIE)
– School of Agriculture
– Commerce, Legal Studies and English

Callum Ross
– Geography, Modern History and Ancient History

Phil Ryrie
– School of Aviation Studies
– Geography and Business Studies

Sue Sell
(Dean of Students (11-12) and Head of Kiandra House)
– School of Music and Performance
– Music and PDHPE 

Madonna Siegenthaler
(Acting Head of Faculty – English, Languages and Drama)
– German and English

Danielle Ternes
– English and RE

Kelli Wilson
(Director of Wellbeing)
– Mathematics and PDHPE

Katie Witherdin
(Head of Faculty – Creative Arts and Technology)
– School of Visual Arts
– Visual Arts

Specialist Support Staff

Cathy Kroenert
– Counsellor

Krista Mower
– Learning Support (7-12) and MaqLit (2-10)

Christine Ryrie
– Librarian and Multi-Lit Specialist

Emma Smith
– Learning Support (K-6)

Boarding Staff

Julie Wright
– Head of Boarding

Amelia Catt
– Residential Supervisor

Zane Quinn
– Residential Supervisor

Ben O’Brien
– Residential Supervisor

Chris Byrnes
– Residential Supervisor

Bianca Hines
– Residential Supervisor

Elite Snowsports Academy

Annabel Elliot
– Program Co-ordinator

Bianca Hines
– Residential Supervisor

Administration and Maintenance

Clint Adams
– Facilities Manager

Brooke Darlington
Maternity Leave

– Marketing & PR

Charlotte Dawes
– PA to Principal

Christine Dicker
– Finance Officer/Payroll

Angela Dutch
– Registrar

Fionnuala Gray
– Marketing & PR

Sharon Mallon
– Accounts Assistant
– Uniform Shop Manager

Kylie Metsalaar
– Projects Officer

Craig Moore
– IT Manager

Caroline Richards
– Receptionist

Thredbo Cleaning Service
– Cleaner