It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Snowy Mountains Grammar School.

What makes our School so extraordinary are the things that happen behind the scenes. The incredible staff work tirelessly to not only help students in pursuit of their academic goals, but also to shape our students from the youngest age to become strong, independent young men and women. Our community values and encourages a well-rounded student and we accept students from all backgrounds and for who they are as an individual.

Our sense of community is exemplified through our annual traditional sporting carnivals like the athletics carnival, the cross-country carnival and our favourite, the swimming carnival, where our school spirit shines brightest. There are also many other opportunities to encourage belonging for all students, like virtual debating, public speaking, academic competitions, musicals and lunchtime sporting activities.

SMGS students are famously compassionate, we have a love of learning, and we are always showing off our school spirit. Active and creative minds come together with a wide array of classes available that accommodate students with all types of interests. The Students are supported by staff members to explore new pathways and are opened up to numerous opportunities that look to prepare students for the future.

We wish everyone a memorable and rewarding 2020 school year.

Willem Baldwinson and Alex Skofteland

2020 School Captains