With great pleasure, we welcome you to Snowy Mountains Grammar School. 

The feeling of pride and admiration that is associated with our school is something that we value greatly and wish to extend to others, both within and outside of our school community. What makes our school so special is the consistent endeavour of all students, and especially staff, allowing all students to become strong, independent, motivated individuals. All students experience a sense of belonging in our family-like school community, and this is a testament to the incredible work of staff across all aspects of the school. 

We appreciate that the last few years have been a challenging, to say the least, and the challenges presented by COVID-19 have seen change within our school community that may well become long-term. However, Snowy Mountains Grammar School is not one to shy away from change, and our management of these changes has been more than effective this year. Our flexible community allows not only for this change to be accommodated, but also for students to develop this same sense of adaptability that is critical throughout life. The SMGS community encourages the development of well-rounded, creative individuals who will continue having positive influences, regardless of which path they choose to follow. 

Students have access to many different opportunities within our school, some of which include equestrian, virtual debating, community events, and lunchtime activities. These activities allow us to challenge both ourselves and others and encourage a sense of exploration into new forms of expression. The positive nature of Snowy Mountains Grammar School students is recognised not just by peers, but by many members of the wider community, and is a reflection of the hard work of all staff and students involved. The welcoming environment and opportunities provided at Snowy Mountains Grammar School have played a significant role in shaping our lives, and we hope that it can do the same for others. 

We would like to wish everybody a positive and memorable 2022 school year. 

Alexi Cross and Sam Roche

2022 School Captains