Bring Your Own Designated Technology

Snowy Mountains Grammar School runs a Bring Your Own Designated Technology (BYODT) program for all students in Years 5 to 12.  Students are required to provide their own device, which they need to bring to school each day. The device is an essential resource in each student’s learning and is used extensively in the classroom.

The program enables a more personalised learning experience, as the student interacts with their own device, given their familiarity with this device. It also provides a seamless transition between the school and home learning environments and, along with our online eLearning platforms, ensures that students have easy access to their school work from any location.

Technology Requirements

While we acknowledge that it is important for students to have a choice of technology, there are some basic criteria that a student’s device must meet.

Screen Size Minimum 11-inch (13-inch or larger is recommended)
Operating System Student devices must be running a full desktop operating system such as Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS.

Other operating systems such as Google’s Chromebook and Linux devices are not supported. Mobile operating environments such as Android or iOS are not suitable for classroom learning and are also not supported for a student’s primary device.

Battery Minimum 6-hour battery life (8-hour recommended). Students will have limited opportunities to charge their devices during the school day.
Processor, Memory and Hard Drive The hardware specifications of most laptops on the market at the moment will be more than suitable for normal school work. Exceptions to this will be students who need to use software with high hardware requirements such as Adobe Photoshop or Fusion 360. This usually occurs in senior years or subjects such as Design and Technology.

If you are unsure if a device is suitable, or would like some assistance with selecting a device, please contact the IT Manager, Mr Craig Moore.

Security and Support for Devices

Devices will be the responsibility of the student, not the school. All students are provided with lockers and padlocks that can comfortably house laptops when not in use.

Basic technical support will be available but, as these devices are not managed by the school, this support is limited to basic trouble-shooting or assistance with resetting a device to its factory settings.


We strongly recommend that you consider insurance options for your child’s device, such as accidental breakage and damage. Accidental damage insurance is an option with many new devices and a number of third-party providers also offer after-market insurance coverage.

Battery Charging

Devices should meet the minimum battery life requirements and students are expected to attend school each day with a fully charged device. Students will have limited opportunities to charge their device throughout the day and it’s the students responsibility to ensure that their device has sufficient charge to complete all timetabled classes.

Temporary Loan Devices

Depending on availability, the school may be able to provide a short-term, temporary loan device in the event of student device failure. All requests for a temporary loan device must be forwarded to the Director of Curriculum and Academic Development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we use a tablet like an iPad or similar?

Generally, tablets such as iPads (including iPad Pro) and Android-based devices are not suitable for use as a student’s primary device. While it is possible to purchase external hardware keyboards for these devices, the nature of the mobile operating systems that these devices use is not suitable for use in the SMGS learning environment.

Convertible laptops, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro (running a full desktop version of Windows), are fine to use as long as they have an external hardware keyboard and tracking device, such as a mouse or trackpad on the Type Cover.

Q: Does the school provide access to the software that I need?

Every SMGS student receives a Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus subscription which allows them to install a full version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices (including mobile devices). The subscription also gives the student access to online file storage through Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business platform.

In addition, students are given access to a number of online learning platforms, including our eLearning platform, Canvas, and our eTextbook platform, Box of Books.

Additional software required for specialist subjects, such as the Adobe Suite, must be purchased separately by the student. Most software packages provide students with generous education pricing, so check the supplier’s website or contact the SMGS IT Manager for assistance.

The school does not provide access to operating system software such as Microsoft Windows.

Q: Can I charge my device at school?

There are limited locations and opportunities for students to charge their devices at school and students should not expect to be able to charge their device at school. Devices should meet the minimum battery requirements and students should attend school each day with a fully charged device.

Q: Can I store my device safely at school?

Yes. All students are provided with lockers and padlocks that can comfortably house laptops when not in use.

Q: Do you provide anti-virus software?

No, the school does not provide students with licensed anti-virus software. A free, personal edition of the Sophos Anti-Virus software can be downloaded from the Sophos website:


From time to time, the school will partner with suppliers to provide discounted devices to students and their families. We currently have agreements with the following vendors:

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