Kidpreneur @ SMGS

At SMGS, we work hard to equip each student with the fundamental skills to thrive in a modern world. Our globalised world has shifted considerably in the 21st century. New knowledge economies require advanced analytical thinking and skills, an ability to identify and solve complex problems in a range of different contexts, and the ability to engage and collaborate with others to produce outstanding results. 

The SMGS Kidpreneur Club is one of our many co-curricular programs that is achieving the mission stated above by providing a real-life application of curriculum learning in business, economics and mathematics.

What is SMGS Kidpreneur?

SMGS Kidpreneur is an initiative designed to inspire young children to develop their skills in innovation and entrepreneurialism, through creating their own small business.

The program is open to students from Years 5 – 9 and runs one lunchtime per week.

Training sessions:

  • Understand the concepts of entrepreneurship
  • Brainstorm product ideas
  • Create a budget for the creation of the product
  • Create a simple marketing plan
  • Sell the product at Market Day
  • Calculate profit and/or loss margins
  • Analyse the business process.

Product creation:

  • Students may work as individuals or as pairs
  • Students must purchase the equipment to create their product in their own time under the guidance of their parents
  • Students are to budget, plan and advertise during lunchtimes
  • The product must retail on Market Day for $5 or less
  • Students must bring the receipts for the purchase of equipment in to school
  • After Market Day, equipment purchase costs will be reimbursed (provided the students have generated the required funds!)
  • 50% of profits made will go towards a local charity nominated by the student group and 50% will go towards a school-based project.


  • Email your expression of interest to Mrs Bell on

Kidpreneur – Junior School Eat Street Market

Term 1 2019