Enrolment Fees
Application Fee Payable with each application. $250
Enrolment Fee
(Full-Time Enrolments)
Payable on acceptance of the Principal’s Offer of Enrolment (Years 1-12) - First child $1,350
- Second child (must be enrolled at the same time) $675
- Family of three or more (must be enrolled at the same time) $2,025
Tuition Fees (Per Term)
Kindergarten – Year 2 Years 3 – 6 Years 7 – 8 Years 9 – 10 Year 11 Year 12 (3 Terms)
$1,968 $3,191 $3,640 $3,937 $4,146 $5,527


The tuition fees includes a range of curriculum charges. However, they do not include charges such as camps, excursions, term sports, or any other charges detailed in “Other Fees and Charges”.

Please note: If a student is enrolled during a school term, the initial term’s tuition fee (and boarding fees, if applicable) will be calculated on a per-week pro-rata basis. There are four school terms per year. Year 12 are billed over three terms.

Boarding & Catering Fees (Per Term)
Weekly Boarding Full-Time Boarding Winter/ESA Boarding
Years 7 – 11 Year 12 Years 7 – 11 Year 12 Winter Term* ESA Program**
(inc GST)
(inc GST)
(inc GST)
(inc GST)
(inc GST)
(inc GST)

* Only Full Boarding is available for Winter Term students.  **ESA is a twelve week (12) full-time program.

Donations to the Building Fund, Library Fund or Scholarship Fund

Snowy Mountains Grammar School operates a tax-deductible Building Fund, Library Fund and Scholarship Fund to which parents can voluntarily donate.

The Building Fund and Library Fund have been established to finance the development of ongoing refurbishment to the school’s facilities and library. Donations can be made annually or each term. The funds allow the school to provide high quality teaching and learning spaces for students and the school community.

The Scholarship Fund provides a SMGS education to students for whom this opportunity may not otherwise be possible. Administered by the school, the fund assists in providing scholarships to eligible students.

The suggested Building Fund Donation is $100 per family per term, or $400 annually, and the Library Fund Donation is $50 per family per term, or $200 annually. A receipt is issued for all donations.

Other Fees and Charges

Information Technology Levy (IT Levy)

The annual IT Levy helps fund IT costs associated with maintaining the network, internet access costs, student storage, software and hardware. The levy is charged quarterly at the start of each term.

IT Levy (Per Term)
Junior School
Kindergarten - Year 6
Senior School
Years 7 - 11
Senior School
Years 12

Year 12 students are charged for Terms 1-3 only.

Curriculum Camps

Attendance at Curriculum Camp is compulsory for all students in Years 4-11. The camps are invoiced during the term in which the camp occurs.

Other Costs

Students may incur any or all of the following additional charges:

  • Fees for some elective items, some sports and incidentals
  • Fees for extra subjects (e.g. distance education and TVET courses) is an external charge and is to be paid in advance of course acceptance. 
  • Costs of excursions
  • Costs of uniform items purchased
  • Weekend travel (boarders only)
  • Other incidental costs not covered above.


Prepayment of Tuition and Boarding fees

Tuition and boarding fees for the 2024 school year may be paid in advance at a discount rate.

  • Prior to 31 December 2023 – 2.0%
  • Between 1 January and 24 January 2024 – 1.5%

Further details can be obtained from the Finance Department.

Discounts on prepaid fees only apply to Tuition and Boarding fees.

Prepayment of Tuition and Boarding fees is not an agreement of a fixed fee. It does not cover any increase in tuition and boarding fees, changes in circumstance or any items normally charged as an extra or administration fee.

Sibling Discount

Families with three or more students will attract a 60% sibling discount for the third and subsequent siblings. The sibling discount is applied to tuition fees only.


Alumni Discount

Upon request, a student of an SMGS alumnus may be eligible for a 20% discount on Tuition fees whilst enrolled from Kindergarten to Year 12 inclusive. The discount is offered on a calendar year basis and applied to the student’s Tuition fee only. At SMGS, an alumnus is defined as a former student who graduated from Year 12 at SMGS. The discount is apportioned to the student’s tuition fee and is not apportioned to either parent or other party as a benefit.

Payment Plans

SMGS offers Payment Plans annually to families either by weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, and instalments commence mid-January and end of November of each year.

The instalments are based on an estimate of student’s tuition fees. A regular instalment figure is then determined which spreads the total cost throughout the year.

Sports, excursions and other miscellaneous activities for the year are not included. These charges are to be paid within the terms of invoice (21 days).

An adjustment may be necessary throughout the year to balance any difference between the estimation and actual total fees. Payment Plans are to be settled on or before the conclusion date or upon withdrawal of student.

If you would like more information about our payment options, please contact our Finance department.

p: (02) 6457 1022
e: accounts@smgs.nsw.edu.au

Payment of Fees

Fees are to be paid by electronic funds transfer or through our online credit card facility.

Cash payments cannot be accepted by the school.

Annual tuition and boarding fees are billed in four equal instalments before the commencement of each term for Kindergarten through to Year 11. Year 12 fees are charged in three equal instalments before the start of Terms 1-3.

Additional charges incurred during each term, such as excursions and additional sporting activities, are billed either at the same time as tuition fees or mid-term of each term.

All fees are payable by the first day of term.

EFT/Credit Card Payments.

Fees can be paid directly through your bank by EFT or by credit card online using the “Pay Now” link on your emailed Tax Invoice and Statement. Please ensure all EFT payments have your account number and surname listed as the reference.

Charges are applicable to Visa and Mastercard payments attracting a 1% surcharge on all transactions. American Express is not accepted.

Bank and Related Charges

All bank charges relating to banking transactions will be charged to parents’ accounts

Administration Fees

Parents who experience difficulty with their fee payment obligations are asked to contact the Finance Department before the payment due date.

In the event that SMGS demands payment of its account or fees become overdue, then a $50 administration fee will be charged.

Administration fees may be varied in exceptional circumstances by application to the Finance Department.

In the event tuition fees for a student remain unpaid sixty (60) days after the date on which they fall due, the school reserves the right to withdraw that student’s place at SMGS. Any current scholarships in place may be revoked at the school’s discretion should fees remain unpaid. Scholarship re- application will be required upon full payment of account.

In the event tuition fees for a student remain unpaid at the commencement of the following term, the student may not be permitted to register or attend any co-curricular programs.

In cases where an account remains significantly in arrears, the School reserves the right to retain a specialist agency to recover the debt. Any additional costs incurred in the collection of overdue fees will be added to the account.

Notice of Withdrawal of Student

Notice of withdrawal of a student must be provided in writing to the Registrar (registrar@smgs.nsw.edu.au) at least ONE school term prior to the date from which the student shall be withdrawn from SMGS. If notice of withdrawal is not given in accordance with this clause, then a term’s tuition fees and a term’s boarding fees (if applicable) will be applied, or a pro rata of the term’s fees in which the withdrawal falls shall be payable in lieu.

Terms and Conditions

All services and information provided by SMGS, including this schedule of fees, are subject to the school’s published Terms and Conditions which may be amended from time to time. The Terms and Conditions, together with this Schedule of Fees, are published on the school’s website and parents are advised to read these documents carefully. Where there is any ambiguity in this document or an inconsistency with the Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Terms and Conditions prevail.


Enquiries regarding any aspect of the billing and payment of fees should be addressed to the Finance Department.

p: (02) 6457 1022
e: accounts@smgs.nsw.edu.au