Wemeet is a scheduled time of the day where Junior School students come together in either class groups, house groups, gender groups or any other form of a group to meet and connect with each other.

What happens in a wemeet?

In a wemeet, teachers or students may lead the session that may address current issues ranging from within the classroom, school, community, country, or reach as far as current global matters. Sessions may simply be used as a time to catch up on everybody’s news, share birthday celebrations or take time in the day to stop and enjoy each other’s company.

Why have a wemeet?

Wemeet has been designed to create time in our busy school schedule to ensure that our students are allowed to feel that they belong to a community and have the chance to connect with each other in a structured, strategic and regular way. It allows us to give time to our wellbeing so that we can be the best versions of ourselves.

When will we wemeet?

Wemeet will meet Monday to Thursday for twenty minutes before recess. This is the daily meeting time for the Senior School Tutor Program. Aligning with this program will also allow us to, on occasion, integrate our meetings with the Senior School. The Friday timeslot will be our regular weekly assembly.

Will wemeet interfere with curriculum time?

Wemeetis designed to, in fact, be an integral component of our learning time. All mandatory requirements to teach subjects within our Junior School are met, which allows this initiative to become an important part of our school day.

Is wemeet based on evidence?

While wemeet has been designed by us and is unique to SMGS, the foundations of its development have been designed entirely around evidence that suggests increasing priority is being placed on young people’s wellbeing.

Will wemeet develop further in the future?

Yes. Wemeetis a novel idea of ours that will be developed over time based on feedback that we receive from students and from our continual review of the intended outcomes of the initiative. These are:

  1. The commitment of time daily to engage with each other to further develop positive relationships.
  2. An improvement in school connectedness.
  3. That wemeet will become a valued program for our students, staff and school community.

We look forward to working together to develop wemeetto become a time where we all feel connected with each other and realise the positive role we can play in our communities, both locally and globally.

If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss further.

Scott Frize
Director of Learning Innovation