Over the past twenty-five years, SMGS has worked diligently to bring our school’s founders’ vision to reality – to be recognised as a premier day and boarding school community, offering a diverse range of opportunities, leading to the development of outstanding citizens equipped for an ever-changing world.

Since the initial launch of our Alumni Engagement and Relations Program in 2017 we are reigniting the program in parallel with our 25th Anniversary celebrations. We warmly invite all Alumni and Old Scholars to register to be a part of the SMGS Alumni Engagement and Relations Program on: https://www.smgs.nsw.edu.au/community/alumni/

The program aims to further strengthen our school’s ethos of belonging (one of SMGS’ foundation stones) by meaningfully and purposefully connecting Alumni and Old Scholars of our school with current and past teachers, staff, students’ families and friends.

Graduates of SMGS leave our school armed with the tools to take on any aspiration and trial that life beyond our school grounds presents. We are proud of the citizens that graduates of SMGS have become, as they confidently challenge, belong and explore the world. This year we have started to capture the experiences of our Alumni and Old Scholars. If you are an Alumna, Alumnus or Old Scholar, we encourage you to complete the “share your story” questionnaire, which can be accessed HERE.
Our inaugural Alumni Story was on Julia Weber (2014) who was named as a finalist the 2020 NSW Young Women of the Year Awards. To read Julia’s story head to: https://www.smgs.nsw.edu.au/2020/02/14/smgs-alumna-julia-weber-named-as-a-finalist-in-the-2020-nsw-young-women-of-the-year-awards/

Information regarding our first Alumni reunion that is planned for 2020 will be shared directly with our Alumni community by email and through our social media pages. Watch this space!

From here, we encourage you to reach out and share the details of the SMGS and SMGS Alumni social media platforms and school website with all SMGS Alumni and Old Scholar families and friends.

SMGS Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/snowymtnsgrammar/
SMGS Alumni and Old Scholars FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/SMGSAlumni/
SMGS Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snowymountainsgrammarschool/